Scatterhall Casino

There is a lot to look at on the two changing panels at Scatterhall Casino. The first panel shows us lots of familiar game studio names, along with a message that says Coming Soon. The second panel displays a Book of Golden Sands game along with a welcome offer that varies according to your deposit amount. But beyond that, you can expect to find many other facts and features, so if you are ready, let's dive in and explore the details at Scatterhall Casino.

See some of the software brands in action at Scatterhall Casino

We know there are many promised brands coming soon - some of which might have appeared there by the time you read this. However, the games that appear on the landing page below the panels we spoke about above are going to reveal some more names. We spotted KA Gaming, Spinomenal, Relax, and Spade Gaming to start with, but there were others in action there as well.

How to enter the casino lobby

Well, you're there when you arrive… we selected casino from the main menu and nothing changed, so we guess the list of games on the homepage lets you see what the lobby is like anyway. There are only four categories, but we think you'll be pleased with everything you see there.

Join the casino via the form on the homepage

This appears as part of the homepage design, so you won't even need to select a link to find it. It's certainly one of the simpler formats we have seen, and they even provide a link to read more about the welcome deal on that page as well.

Signup restrictions and where to find them

A tiny message at the bottom of every page reveals the minimum age of 18 is in play here. Can we find further details inside the terms and conditions? We can, and they do confirm the minimum age in there under the eligibility section early on. In point 2.3, they offer a huge list of countries where residents can register to use the demo games but cannot play any real games. Australia and Canada did not appear on the list, but the United States did sadly, so that should tell you plenty. We do advise you to read through the list to see if your country is on there.

New and popular games appear in the lobby

You may see other categories appear once you sign up to the casino, since the homepage only offers four categories to explore. With so many developers offering games at Scatterhall Casino, we guess this would make sense. That said, a quick glance at the foot of the site revealed a casino category - and this did have categories for slots, table games, and even some MegaWays games.

Slots come from all manner of top developers

The good way to find developer names at Scatterhall is to go further down the homepage. You'll find lots of logos there, so you can see which ones look the most familiar to you. We spotted GameArt, Microgaming, and iSoftbet quite quickly. We also saw a few that were new even to us - have you heard of Petersen Games before? Having a few new game studios - or at least lesser-known ones - is a good move as it gives you some quirky and unusual games to play as well.

What about finding some free games to play?

We have some good news here. The casino easily tells you whether you can access a demo. You will see a 'play' message for all the games, as this leads to the real version in each case. If you also see 'play for fun' listed there, you'll know this points to the demo or practice version.

You should find plenty of games to fit your pocket

With countless game studios and even more games in store at this casino, you can tell that you'll have lots of titles to choose from. This is good from a budget point of view, as you'll be able to consider which games best fit your pocket. Always load the demo version first, so you can sort through the coins and see how much each go will cost.

New slot games arrive on the homepage

You'll see them in the lobby too once you've logged in, but you can certainly find lots on the landing page. There were some rabbit-themed ones there on our recent visit, linked with the Year of the Rabbit theme, but there were plenty of other varied titles landing as well.

Promotions are trickier to find

The welcome deal is easy - it appears with the slot game on one of those two opening panels, and you're reminded of the 200% first deposit bonus at the foot of the signup form too. However, beyond that, there isn't a promotions page to visit, which seems a giant omission. Maybe one will appear in future, but for now, there's nothing available.

Tournaments aren't featured there either

Scatterhall Casino doesn't have any events or tournaments lined up at present.

The casino does not share news of its winners

This might be a perk if you're not keen on being advertised for winning big, we guess!

We did not find any news of comp points or other rewards

We'll update you on that topic if anything comes to light.

A cool mobile website

The only thing you need to do if you want to play games at Scatterhall on your phone or tablet is to visit the site. That's it. There are no apps for Android or iOS users, and you won't need to do anything else either. Just visit and the site will adjust to the mobile version.

Play the demo slots and other games without registering

Scatterhall Casino is welcoming in lots of different ways. You can see this in action when you want to try some demo titles. If you see a 'play for fun' message on any game, you can select it and play the game. No account required - not unless you decide you want to play the real game and you're from a country that is permitted to join.

Instant play is the only way to play at Scatterhall

We believe that's the best way too, as you can do it across all platforms and never worry about anything beyond that point. There are no downloads to bother about at any stage.

Affiliate information if you're interested

Zeus Partners runs the affiliate program for Scatterhall Casino. We guess this makes sense since the site is run by Zeus Lightning NV.

What about sporting features?

Your only chance here is to find a slot game based around a sporting topic. There's no sportsbook or even racebook anywhere in sight.

Blog/forum elements

There are no such elements involved at Scatterhall Casino.

Live dealer games are part of the action though

If you want some of the best live dealer games around, provided by such studios as Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming, you're in the right place. Check those out by reading through the titles on offer in the live area of the casino. There were 40 games on the first page, and 14 or more pages to check out, so you can see the potential there.

Deposits and how to make them

We'd advise you to head for the cashier once you are logged in because there is no banking page at the casino. You can find a series of payment logos near the bottom of the site though. These include cards, online methods, and a few notable cryptocurrencies too. They even have Apple Pay there.

What about making a withdrawal?

Most often, online casinos offer fewer ways to withdraw compared to depositing. That's likely the case here too, but again, visit the cashier to get full details about the available methods you can choose from.

Is Bitcoin there?

Yes - it's the first virtual currency logo you will see, although they do have Litecoin and Ripple there too, among others.

Head for the speech bubble to seek some help

You know where to find it - at the bottom of the site, where it always is. Just enter your name and email address and you can get underway. There are no other areas offering help, such as an FAQ area, so this is your best bet to reach the team.