Lucky99 Casino

It doesn't take more than a second or two to realize that Lucky99 Casino is just one cog in a big wheel. There are many other areas to explore at the site, and as is customary, we'll guide you through them all in the following review. If you are curious to know what Lucky99 Casino might hold in store, settle in for the information you're after here.

Software in action at this casino

You'll find many games spread across Lucky99 Casino - or should we say casinos? There are several distinct areas to visit, offering a different collection of games in each case. For example, the 3D Casino offers games from Betsoft. It looks like other casino sections include games from Digital Gaming Solutions and Skywind among others. We had to do some digging to come up with those names though, as Lucky99 Casino doesn't list game providers anywhere that we could find.

Expect a different lobby for each casino area

You've got some exploring to do when you rock up at this casino - or casinos, really, given the different areas on offer. There are seven individual casino areas available, plus the live games, and in each case, you can read the game titles on offer before exploring further.

Not a member yet? You can join the casino

That first sentence shows the message you must look for at Lucky99 to begin the process of creating an account. It appears in the top right of the site in small print, but when you select it, the registration form will appear.

Signup restrictions are listed under the general rules

You can access these from the bottom of the site. The minimum age is 18. There is a message early on stating that players living in Nevada, USA cannot use the website. No other limitations are given, so it looks more promising if you live anywhere else in the US. That said, there is a clear lean toward offering services to those in Asia as well.

The games vary depending on which casino area you're in

Diamond Casino, Horizon Casino, Fortune Casino… just another three casino areas you can explore if you join Lucky99. You'll find different mixes of games depending on which area you're looking at. This means that if you're new to the website, the best way to proceed is simply to look through the various areas to decide which one you may like to start with.

You'll find different slots in each area too

Some have far smaller collections than others - the Horizon Casino being a good example of this. So, look through them all and see which ones hold the slots you've like to play. You'll become more familiar with where to find various games once you get used to how Lucky99 Casino works.

What about playing some free games?

Some of the games should come with demo versions, but it may depend on who created them. We know Betsoft slots have them, for example, but since the casino makes it tricky to know who all the developers are, this may not apply across the board.

Paid games should vary a lot too

The more slots you find at any casino, the more chance there is of finding lots of different betting amounts to choose from. As you go through the various titles, you can consider whether one casino is a little more affordable for you than another.

How about finding new slot games?

We did spot a NEW label next to the titles of some of their slots, but that is the extent of finding them. They do not appear to have a new area to visit in any of their casino sections.

For promotions, search for benefits

The Lucky99 website has an explore area in the menu, and if you select it, you'll see that benefits is the top category to look at. This means promotions, and you can find out the latest of them in this area. There is a Cash Bonus, Rebate Program, and House Money Program to look at.

We saw no sign of any tournaments

We'll update you here if we see any in future.

Casino winners weren't mentioned anywhere either

The landing page offers little info - you need to go through to a specific area of their website to learn more about it. However, we did not see any news of winning players anywhere in view.

Rewards are covered in the benefits area

It doesn't seem that the site has any regular promotions to claim. Many of their deals involve rebates or other programs, rather than traditional percentage bonuses. We did not see anything relating to comp points either.

You won't need to download an app

Mobile players can simply visit the casino using any browser, as the site adjusts to show you the best appearance in each case.

Register for an account and then you can play

We tried getting into a few slot games but did not manage to do so. You can read about many of them but playing the games can only be done with an account.

Instant play at Lucky99 Casino

Whichever casino you look at, you should find you can play the games without downloading anything.

Affiliate program information

Lots of casinos take you to a different website that handles their affiliate program. However, at Lucky99 Casino, you'll see a link that takes you to a different area of their website to explain more about the program.

Look at the sports tab to discover more potential

Lucky99 includes a sports tab that reveals different lines for American, offshore, Premier, and many other possibilities. You can also enter the props area if that's something you're interested in. Meanwhile, there is a separate horses tab too, so if it's racing you want to check out, you know where to go.

You won't find a blog at Lucky99

There was no sign of anything resembling a blog at this casino.

Live dealer games are found in the Vegas Live Casino

You now know there are several casino areas to explore. We can now reveal that one of those is called Vegas Live. This offers live casino games with real dealers. It looks like they have some blackjack and roulette games to offer, along with baccarat and Super 6 to mix things up a bit.

Look under the explore tab to find out about making deposits

The deposits tab reveals all the ways you can fund your account at Lucky99. They list Bitcoin, credit cards, money transfers, and electronic checks. There are no fees involved for these, although this only applies to money transfers worth $300 or more. They also provide ample information about each method and what is involved in each case.

Making a withdrawal is covered under the payouts tab

This is also inside the explore area of the website. There are only two methods that do not involve a free to withdraw, one of which is Bitcoin. The other is for a Vietnamese wire transfer, so we guess few of you reading will use that.

Bitcoin is the only available altcoin you can use

We hope they'll add more in future, but for now, this is the only option. At least they've chosen the most popular one of all.

Need some help?

We were asked that very question when we arrived at Lucky99, as a message popped up in the live chat area at the bottom of the site. If you go into that, you can simply begin chatting with someone to iron out any queries or questions you might have. You can also tell from our review that the site itself is helpful with lots of areas and tabs to explore.