It takes seconds to realize that Bitplay is a different prospect when compared to any other casino. You need to sign up to Bitplay for starters, but once you have completed that step, you must choose one of their platforms to play on. This will take you through to a targeted casino experience. Shall we find out more?

How do these platforms work?

You'll see a list of them at Bitplay if you look at the lower menu on that site. Among the names are Juwa, Golden Dragon, and Vegas Sweeps, along with at least a dozen more. The experience you'll have - and the games you'll see - are different in each place.

Make sure you can play sweepstakes

Bitplay confirms that it is a sweepstakes platform, which means you must legally be able to participate in such events. You can still purchase credits for gameplay, but we recommend you explore the small print and read more about Bitplay before signing up there. You can then progress to whichever platform you prefer.

Expect some variation in the games

Yep, each platform has a different look and feel, so the more time you spend exploring each before you sign up, the better. Check a guide to each of them on the Bitplay website.

You'll see the first no deposit promo upon arrival

This is great news because it means you can grab $5 free to play with at your choice of casino once you have opened your Bitplay account to start off with.

What about app access?

The best bet is to explore each site, so you can get a sense of how to access it and whether it's best to use an app in each case.

Bitplay welcomes a range of cryptocurrencies

You can see a range of guides going through the process of buying, selling, and receiving each of them in the Bitplay FAQ area. This will help you pick a method if you want to purchase more credits to play with on your favorite platform.

Get set for a journey to Bitplay where you'll discover a different way to play

Many others have already made that journey. Are you all set to follow them to see what these platforms via Bitplay hold in store for you?