When you land at BitBetWin, you won't find a regular casino experience waiting for you. Instead, you'll discover various platforms you can access once you've joined BitBetWin. You'll also notice sweepstakes mentioned periodically as you explore. Let's see what else you might expect if you check out BitBetWin today.

How do the platforms work?

If you go to the bottom of their website, you'll see a slew of logos, each representing one of the casino platforms you'll be eligible to join if you sign up for BitBetWin. From Game Vault through to the Funzone, you can take your pick and see which platform appeals most.

Can you play sweepstakes?

The US has strict rules surrounding sweepstakes events, but most states (although not all) can participate. Check the terms for each individual platform to be sure you're not breaking any rules.

The games will vary from one platform to the next

You can still get a sense of what each might provide though. Visit BitBetWin, access each platform blurb via the links on the site, and read more about them there.

You can claim a no deposit bonus too

You can do this at BitBetWin when you create an account there. This triggers a $5 free no deposit offer, which you can then use on your selected platform.

Check for mobile apps for each platform you visit

Some do advertise mobile apps, but this isn't the case across the board. Checking for further details will help. You should be able to visit each site via your browser too though.

Make sure you're happy with the platform before depositing there

Know the rules and check the available banking methods, since there are multiple differences between platforms. BitBetWin is more a portal than anything else, so you still need to figure out where to play beyond that. However, you can expect to have plenty of scope available, giving you more potential to find your favorite games as a result.

Is BitBetWin the right site - or portal - for you?

The best way to find the answer is by exploring the site to get a better feel for it. There is plenty to take in, and it's important that you do so prior to signing up for a gaming site via this portal.