Latest Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Get set for all the answers to the questions you've had about no deposit bonus codes for online casinos. You can always find the latest codes without too much hassle, but if you want to know what you're looking at and how to use them, keep reading.

What are no deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are given to people who are new to a casino. The idea is that you can sign up for a free account and receive a no deposit bonus to play some of the games with. This doesn't require you to deposit anything, as the name says, and so there's no risk to you. That's a major perk, attracting new players and those who have experience of other casinos and want to sign up for another one.

Why do casinos offer no deposit bonus codes?

The main reason is that casinos want to attract new players. Offering a no deposit deal means the newcomer doesn't need to deposit anything, so there is no risk. Sometimes these bonuses can promote new games or features, depending on how targeted they are. They can also engage inactive players, as people are more likely to play on the casino's dime than to deposit some of their own cash, especially if they haven't tried the casino yet.

Exploring the different types of no deposit bonuses

Yes, there are different types that you might see as you explore the available offers online just now. We'll list the most common ones below, which ought to help you target the best deals.

Free spins - these appear more commonly for new slot releases, as they're a great way to promote new games. You tend to get a handful of free spins for one slot, although in some cases you might be able to choose from several.

Free cash - this is another common option. Free cash forms the no deposit bonus, as you receive perhaps $5 or $10 or more to play the games with.

Free play - this is less common, with the idea being that you have a large sum of casino funds to potentially play with… but you're against the clock to use it. You might be able to play for 30 minutes immediately following registration, for instance.

Cashback - another cool option here, giving you a refund on your losses for a specific period. As with all other bonus types, check the rules to understand exactly what is on offer.

Here's how to claim no deposit bonuses at online casinos

It all begins with the registration process - namely signing up and creating a free account. Remember that you do not need to make any size of deposit to do this. You may need to verify your identity though, to prove you are of age to use the casino.

If the site offers a no deposit bonus, check whether you need a code to claim it. You should see a space or box somewhere during the registration process, asking for a coupon code or bonus code to receive the offer. Make sure you include the code there otherwise you won't receive it.

In some cases, casinos offer automatic bonuses. This means the casino will add the no deposit bonus (or other bonus) to your account without asking you to add a code first. In such cases, there is a facility to opt out if you don't want the bonus (this usually involves contacting support).

How to find the latest no deposit bonus codes and coupons

You might be surprised at how many places you can spot them. Of course, the most obvious is at an online casino, but you'd need to visit plenty of them to find the ones with the relevant offers. Here are three other possibilities you should bear in mind though:

Check recommended websites or forums - these exist to provide players with plenty of information about new casinos, developments at existing casinos, and to talk about casino experiences. You can often spot codes at all these sites.

Subscribe to newsletters offered by online casinos - these are another good source of codes you may not otherwise see. The casinos want to encourage people to sign up and receive their newsletters… and what better way to do so than by offering exclusive bonuses via those newsletters?

Follow gaming news outlets - you'll find plenty of these online, and they play an essential role in collating bonuses from many sources. They can save you a lot of time, as they'll have all the best no deposit bonuses and other deals in one place.

What are wagering requirements and what do you need to know about them?

Wagering requirements are designed to make sure the casino doesn't lose out when offering a no deposit bonus (or other bonus, since they apply in many scenarios). If players accepted a bonus and won a lot of money with it, they'd make the casino bankrupt within a short time. The idea is that money won from a bonus must be wagered several times before cashing out becomes a possibility. From your point of view, the lower the wagering requirement, the easier it will be to reach. Wagering of 10x the amount is far easier to hit than wagering of 45x, for example.

No deposit bonuses often carry requirements of between 10x and 35x, although figures are always approximate and depend on individual casinos. The lower the better, as always, and in some rare cases, smaller bonus amounts may come with no wagering.

Make sure you always read the terms and conditions word for word before you claim any bonus. You must know for sure how each deal works and what is required of you before claiming it - and certainly before cashing out anything won with it.

Top tips for using no deposit bonuses when you find them

We've mentioned terms and conditions already… but it doesn't do any harm to mention them again here. Make this your first task. Make sure you also check any maximum cashout limits. Such limits tell you the maximum amount of cash you can withdraw from using a bonus. This means that even if you were to win a big prize, you may not receive all of it.

When using a no deposit bonus, it's a good opportunity to try some new games if you can. You might also want to test some unfamiliar slots, since you are not using your own funds. Use the bonus as a learning experience - one that can help you work out the best approach and games to play.

If you've got a couple of strategies in mind to use, those might also be helpful. Some slots are trickier to understand than others, too, so being able to play them without risk to your own budget is a great way to start. Look through the collection of slots and pick out a couple you can try with a no deposit bonus.

Three potential pitfalls you can avoid by reading these tips

Of course, there are some tripping points you could fall foul of if you rush into using a bonus without being prepared. For instance, forgetting to check the wagering requirements could leave you in a spot to have a nasty surprise. You want to compare no deposit offers from different casinos to find one with fair terms and low wagering.

Check whether the bonus restricts you to using certain games too. For instance, jackpot slots might be out of bounds. We've seen bonuses that limit access to slots from certain developers too. Other sites might only give you a handful of slots to play with a no deposit bonus. You might even have just one slot to try. Check this prior to playing to make sure you don't get it wrong.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, have you checked whether the bonus code is authentic? This is where you need to be sure you can trust the source of the code. That's not an issue if you are signing up to a reputable casino, but if you seek bonuses from other sources, as we noted above, it's sensible to make sure you know whether you can trust them first. You don't want to use a code only to find it doesn't work after you've signed up to the casino.

Are you ready to use your first bonus code?

Online casinos play host to a range of bonuses, so while you can find some no deposit bonus codes, you might also have a chance to find and use other coupon codes. That's why staying updated with the latest codes and offers is important, regardless of the casino you choose to play at. Trying various codes can help you get more out of your chosen casino but remember to always use them responsibly and to play in the same manner.