Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

When you arrive at any online casino, we bet you think there are slots and other familiar casino games to play. In most cases, there are, but with as the URL for this casino, you can figure out which area of gameplay is going to appear. There's keno and bingo available too, but we'll share a favorite scratch card before moving on to the bonus coupon details.

The Rat Riches scratch card offers an irresistible title

Don't worry - the rats look cute on this scratch card, and you'll need to scratch away their images to find out the values underneath. The idea is simple enough - there are several rats bearing their teeth (equally cute really), and you need to remove the 'foil' with your mouse (there's an irony) to find out whether you've won. There are nine values underneath each card, with three matching values required to get that prize.

Should you hunt for some secret no deposit bonus codes for their site?

It's clearly different from most casinos since scratch cards are the focus. So, should you still search for a no deposit bonus to start off with? You should absolutely do so because you never know whether any site is going to offer that deal. While there was no such offer on the official site, our research may have produced information about something else, and if so, we'll list it here.

How do you get a bonus code for a Casino offer?

They have three welcome bonuses to claim in turn, so we looked at those to see whether there were any bonus codes to use. In this case, there was no coupon available - the bonuses are added upon making qualifying deposits.

Look out for free scratch cards on their site too

We found a promotion offering up to 30 free scratch cards for each deposit, with the number received depending on the deposit amount. Again, no codes are needed.

Crypto bonuses are assured

Since the website is powered by cryptocurrencies, you can count on any bonus you see being fine to claim on a Bitcoin or other crypto deposit.