Real Money on Penny Wagers

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Penny wagers or penny slots are popular among thousands of online casino players. Lots of games accept penny wagers, making them accessible to many more players than the more expensive games.

Most slot games have minimum and maximum betting amounts. The smallest amount may not be a cent or a penny though, which means you'd have a reduced chance of being able to fit it into your budget.

Of course, a lot depends on the available paylines too. A 25-line game accepting a two-cent minimum line wager would cost the same to play as a 50-line game that qualified as a penny slot. But since penny slots can be played for real prizes, there are always chances to collect winnings on these games.

Every slot accepting a one-cent line wager can pay real prizes

That is the bottom line. The trick is to make sure you are comfortable with the total wager placed on that game. You should also make sure you are accessing the real version of the game. By this we mean that the real game should be loaded instead of the demo. You can sometimes easily switch between the two, but there should always be a message on your screen telling you whether you are in real or demo play.

Check the paytable to see which prizes are available

These are usually shown as multiples of the bet amount. For example, a prize for three matching symbols could be worth 200x your wager or 200 coins. The coin means the value of the bet placed on that line. So, if you bet a penny on it, you'd get 200 pennies back or $2.

Make sure you can afford to play whichever penny slot you find

There is a major difference between playing a penny slot featuring just one line in a three-reel game compared with a penny slot with 50 paylines that must all be covered.

In the first example, it would cost just one penny to play each spin. In the second example, you would pay 50 cents on each spin. That is quite a difference. It would also make a huge difference to how long it would take to go through your budget.

Playing a single-line slot with a dollar would get you 100 spins if you spent just one penny on each turn. You'd get just two wagers on the second slot with 50 lines. Be careful what you choose and how to play.

Remember, too, that the bottom line is to enjoy yourself playing real slots. Put your budget first and remember that any slot game can pay out real prizes in real-play mode. Just be sure you can afford to play.