The Goonies Return

September has been a huge month in the world of online gaming. One of the highlights in the crop of new releases must surely be The Goonies Return, a sequel to the original The Goonies slot.

If you're old enough to remember the movie (as I am!), you'll want to check this one out. And if you loved the first slot game - regardless of whether you watched the movie on its original release or not - stay tuned for more details of this one.

All the main characters return

There are cool pictures of all the favorites, along with a skeletal pirate as the bonus symbol and the black and white Never Say Die skull and crossbones-style symbol.

If you remember the first game in the series, you might recall the presence of One-Eyed Willie. There are six modifiers in the game he can trigger, with prizes, wilds, lucky coins, and all kinds of other treats rolled into the action. They occur at random on a spin of the base game, so it's cool to watch and see if you can get any of them.

Six potential bonus rounds also make it into the action

You'll get the opportunity to look for the One-Eyed Willie bonus symbol to appear on the reels. If you find three in a spin, you can unlock one of six varied bonus rounds too.

These relate in some way to the movie, so you've got Fratelli Free Spins to represent the Fratellis, the Booby Trap Bonus to recall that part of the movie, and a Waterslide to Wealth. The latter involves a trail where various prizes can be seen. How far along it can you get before you find a collect message?

While many of these bonuses have been revealed in similar fashion in other slots, they all have a Goonies theme to them here. Some feature popular characters from the movie, so you're never far from seeing Chunk, Data, Mikey, and their friends.

Don't miss The Goonies Return today

If you love slot games with so many features involved you could clearly return to play more over time, you're going to love The Goonies Return. We certainly enjoyed it, but we would suggest you spend some time in demo mode first.

You can also see how important it is to play the practice version for a while first. Your budget is going to be vital here, as it could be easy to play for ages and go beyond your budget on this one.

Find the slot game at your favorite casinos with Blueprint Gaming at the helm. It's one you won't want to miss.