Princess Casino

Are you someone who loves relaxing on a cruise ship, using its many facilities, and enjoying the best entertainment each day? If so, and if you like the occasional spin of a slot machine, you can roll all that into one experience on board a Princess Cruises voyage from February 2024.

The ship in question is set to launch its maiden voyage in February 2024. The Sun Princess will boast 21 decks, but it’s deck eight that has gotten our attention. That’s the location of the Princess Casino, the biggest casino on any of the cruise ships run by this company. Not just a teeny bit bigger either – 50% bigger.

Choose from over 200 slot machines on board

Passengers who already love taking a spin on the slots online might recognize some of the slot machines due to appear on board the Sun Princess. Princess Casino will have over 200 slots to play. They’re also going to welcome some video poker machines – a good alternative if you don’t trust your poker face to give you away on the poker tables themselves, also a feature of the casino.

A spacious place to enjoy the tables and slot games

Wherever you go in the Princess Casino, you’ll find many tables and games to check out. There are roulette wheels and table games to explore, and there will always be a seat at a slot machine if you fancy it. It looks as if the poker and blackjack tables are set to have a linked jackpot as well, meaning the total can rise faster than it would for individual games.

With 2,150 cabins on board the ship, there is ample room to cater for 4,300 people. With endless entertainment, areas to explore, shows to attend, and restaurants and bars to visit, there’s plenty going on. Yet for some, the big appeal will be the Princess Casino. This will be located by the Piazza, a central area on the ship. Eager visitors wanting to know more and to be among the first to visit won’t miss it when they step on board.