Emerging Trends in Online Sports Betting

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Online sports betting has enjoyed plenty of activity in recent years. The internet turned the betting markets on their heads, and now many people place bets online rather than popping to their local bookmaker or betting shop.

So, what else can we expect to see trending in this market in the months to come? We take some guesses.

Expanding availability of cryptocurrency methods

Crypto methods will only be available in those countries that accept them. However, countries that do allow online betting sites to offer these methods will give players the chance to use their crypto wallet rather than seeking out a card or e-wallet to use.

In-play betting is getting more popular

In-play betting means placing wagers on sporting events or matches as they happen. It’s one thing to try and predict a winner before a match begins, but quite another to attempt a bet when the action is happening.

As more betting sites provide access to live coverage of events – or at least live scoring of what’s going on – we expect live in-play betting to become more popular as well. It’s aimed at the more experienced bettor, but anyone who falls into that category is likely to become curious about the potential in this area.

Expanding coverage of eSports

It’s not all about regular sports on the betting front. You can expect more sites than ever to start including eSports action too. Many people focus on teams or individuals competing against each other, whether that’s in League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, or Halo. There are other examples too, many of which have a huge fan base. We believe more sites will begin to tap into that fan base and provide odds on plenty of eSports markets.

Of course, there are going to be other developments to note in online sports betting as well. Watch for the latest news appearing here as things progress. We’ll keep track of what’s happening and where you might be able to spot new features at your favorite betting sites. Whatever happens and however close – or far – we are from predicting the future, you’ll hear about it all here.