Guide to Online Poker Variants

Poker is a short word, yet it is one that reveals many variations of the game. If you are thinking about playing some online poker, it’s best to be aware of the many variations out there today. We provide a few facts about some of the more familiar versions, but make sure you read full guides on the ones you are most interested in playing.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Most people will have heard of this, even if they do not know the rules. This is the version of the game that includes a blind bet at the start. This applies to two players on the left of the dealer. The hole cards are then dealt, with each player getting two. The game involves community cards dealt by the dealer, with rounds of betting determining whether anyone folds or continues.

Seven-Card Stud

Every player in this game receives two cards that no one else but them can see. There are also three further cards that are dealt face up. One last card is also dealt face down to each player, hence the seven-card element of the title. As usual, the best hand at the end of the game wins.


There are several variations of this, including Hi/Lo. You might also see Pot Limit, which means you can bet up to the limit of the pot, and No Limit, which is self-explanatory. It involves small and big blinds, with each player receiving four cards no one else can see. You can then call or raise the big blind or fold, if you don’t think you have a chance of winning.

Always make sure you read the instructions for your chosen poker game

It would be impossible to fully explain every type of online poker game in an article like this. So, if one of the above popular versions sounds promising, check out our other poker articles to see what else you can find out. You can usually find online poker games that have free versions to play – just steer clear of live poker until you understand what’s happening and how to play. This is the safest way to go ahead and try some online poker.