Plinko Casino Game

Plinko is a game that you won’t find at all online casinos. However, those that do offer it might also have a range of other games based on specific formats. In this article, we’re going to find out more about Plinko, how it works, and what you should expect from it if you play.

What are the rules of Plinko?

Plinko is all about a disc and some tiles. The disc releases from the top of the game and drops down through the pins to land on one of the tiles you’ll see at the bottom of the screen. There are three rows of tiles – green, yellow, and red as you go down in order.

The game shows a pyramid, with rows of tiles spread across the bottom. The disc always starts from the same point, dropping through the pins and taking whichever route this results in.

Check out the numbered tiles

Each tile includes a number. That’s a multiplier, showing what the odds are of the disc landing on that tile. Hence why the tiles in the middle of the screen are much more likely to be hit, and therefore have lower numbers on them.

You can also select how many pins you want to play with. Most versions of Plinko will come with a few options, such as 12, 14, or 16 pins. You’ll see the screen change depending on your choice. The multiplier values will also change, so you can see which ones you like the look of most of all.

How can you tell where the chip or disc might drop?

You can’t – it’s a game of chance and therefore you cannot be sure where the disc will fall. However, it is statistically more likely that the disc will drop into the center region of the game screen.

Look for a demo version of Plinko to get the hang of it before playing for real

This is ideal because if you’ve never played it before, you’ll want to check it out before you attempt the real version. You can have as many goes as you like for free, as there are no real prizes involved. This is the best way to be sure you can approach the paid game with an idea of how to play Plinko.