Haunted Reels Slots

It's not often that you see an updated version of an older slot game, but we've got one of those for you here today. The Haunted Reels slot is perfect for Halloween or anytime of the year you want to be spooked!

Let's see what this set of reels holds in store, shall we? Remember, you can play the demo at Lincoln Casino without needing an account. It's the ideal way to see what you think of this - or any other - casino game.

Three reels and one payline await

Yes, this is about as basic as a slot game can get. Don't be fooled, though… there are a few surprises in store yet. This is a haunted slot game, after all.

It adopts a classic feel with the control panel

They've designed the game with a series of buttons that look like ones you'd see on a regular slot machine. Use the plus and minus controls to adjust the bet you're going to play on the payline. You can also hit the BET ONE button to go between one, two, or three credits on that line.

A wild witch pays the top prize

We didn't notice the witch to start with, but she spooked us when we did spot her looking at us over the top of the reels. She's good to see during the game though because she is the wild symbol. Find one in a winning line and the prize doubles. Find two and the prize receives a multiplier of 4x.

She also triggers the top prize if she occupies every spot on the line. This would get you 800 coins if you played one credit, 1,600 for two credits, or 2,400 if you played three credits. A credit can be as little as one cent too.

Watch out for the bonus pumpkin

It looks like you only need to find one on the payline to unlock the bonus. We don't know what's involved with this, but since we have a tiny reel set here, we guess it might involve a picking game. Pick the pumpkin for a prize, perhaps.

Haunted Reels is a nice simple game that is ideal for Halloween or indeed any dark night where you want to try a three-reel game with a difference. Don't let it spook you - a basic slot with a bonus sounds good to us!