Nolimit365 Casino

When you arrive at the NoLimit365 website, you can immediately see more than just a casino waiting for you. This is a big site with a lot to offer, so we're going to spend some time moving around various parts of the site to bring you news on them here. You might already have an idea about what to expect, and if so, you can check it all out right here.

Expect some familiar software brands to crop up

NoLimit365 may have no limit to the famous brands involved… and we spotted NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Play'n Go among them to start with. There are lots of excellent titles to try, and you can select any of them to see just their games to start with.

The casino lobby gives precedence to the developers

This is an unusual stance, as there are no categories to look through when you arrive. It could differ once logged in, but for starters, you'll only be able to choose from the developer names or go for the hottest games available just now. You can find new games at the top of that list, but there doesn't appear to be any other way of sorting through the titles.

Join the casino by selecting the yellow register button

It's in the usual place - at the top of any of the pages on the site, over to the right.

Signup restrictions: Are they easy to find?

In a word… no. The rules page gives extensive terms and conditions in the tiniest print we have ever seen. We managed to find a minimum age of 18, but this isn't a surprise anyway. We suggest checking the laws where you live before attempting to join the site, as no country lists seem to be present in the Ts and Cs. You may also want to email the site to find out more in case you're unsure.

Slots appear to be the only available games

It's tricky to tell, though, as there are no categories to sort through. You just need to look at the game collection and see what you might spot there.

Free games will only appear to logged-in players

We know there are lots of developers at this casino, so it might be that not all the games have practice versions. Only logged-in players will know for sure in each case though.

Paying to play their games

Any casino that offers a lot of games is automatically going to have plenty of betting options throughout that game selection. Make sure you look through lots of their titles to find out which ones are best suited to your available budget.

What about finding some new slot games?

The casino seems to reveal these when you select the hot games option. You might need to select it twice to see them - we did on one occasion.

The bonus word leads to the promotions

This is surely one of the trickiest areas to find. Instead of putting a promotions area at the top of the site, they've tucked the word 'bonus' at the bottom of the site in small print. Once you find and select it, you can see the available bonuses you can choose from. There is a no deposit bonus for the casino or sportsbook to start with though, so that much is promising.

Tournaments did not appear anywhere

There's not much else we can add to that.

Casino winners weren't in view either

This didn't surprise us, although it could be a different story if you sign in and check it out from the inside.

Rewards were nowhere to be seen

We looked for details in the promo area as well, but there was nothing to share.

Expect a mobile responsive website

There's no need for an app to access the mobile version of this casino, since they provide you with a responsive website to start with. It makes life easier for you, as there's no updating to do.

Playing without registration isn't possible

There is nothing to suggest any accessible demos, since the only message you see is a request to log in when you want to play at NoLimit365 Casino.

Is this an instant play casino?

Since there was no sign of a download anywhere, we guess the answer is yes on this count.

Affiliate details are unavailable

They might well have such a program, but we could find no information on it anywhere. The only thing we spotted was the inclusion of an email address to write to for this purpose.

Sporting services are the first thing you'll see

Certainly not the last, but you will see the sportsbook and all the sports within it to the left of the page you arrive on. It's colorful too, with an orderly format and plenty to take in. NoLimit365 manages to cover a lot of ground on one page without confusing you.

They do not appear to have a blog

Few sites do, but with so much to offer, we did wonder whether they might include one. That hasn't happened yet though.

Live dealer games appear in the relevant part of the menu

Spot the live casino link at the top of the NoLimit365 website, and you can go through to find three live areas to visit. There are no suggestions for any of those areas leading to which games you might find in them - yet another example of a lack of info for this website.

Find out more about depositing inside your account

It's tricky to find information about several topics at this casino, as you may well have noticed by now. There is a page about the rules of the site, and this mentions credit card payments, but mentions nothing else. There are no logos to provide clues either.

Head for the cashier once more when making a withdrawal

There should be further details in there if you need them when considering a withdrawal at NoLimit365.

Bitcoin doesn't get a mention anywhere

Yet with no banking page to read, it could still crop up at some stage and we wouldn't immediately know about it.

How easy is it to find some help?

Not easy - there is a contact email address at the bottom of their website, but little else is offered. The help area looked promising, yet this only provided information about their CashOut service and does not cover any other aspect of using the site. We did not find a live chat facility either.