Wizebets Casino

Wizebets Casino

Wizebets Casino is our latest site to visit and review, and there's a lot to be aware of when you get there. We think you'll be impressed at the appearance of the site, but as we know, there is much to look at before we can decide whether this is the casino to play at for a while. So, let's begin to go through some of the features at Wizebets to find out what's available there.

The casino uses lots of game studios

This becomes obvious before you go anywhere, as you'll see lots of games on the landing page. Underneath each game image, you'll see the title, but you'll also see the game studio name just above it. It's the easiest way to find the range of developers on offer there. We can name Pragmatic Play, Aristocrat, and IGT among several others, but we'll leave you to explore to find the rest.

Head into the game lobby using the given link

They label it the game lobby and mark it with a desktop bell, so when you hit that, you'll go through to see the first few games available on the site. There are new, popular, and slot categories available too.

Green means signup at this casino

Wizebets Casino accepts new players from certain countries, and you can join in if you spot the green signup button. You'll see it at the top of the site, but it also appears in the middle of the screen if you look at the welcome bonus information there.

Does the site have any signup restrictions?

You know the answer is going to be yes, but to what extent? The website uses blocking technology, so it's likely you'll know whether you can join or not simply by attempting to visit the website. However, there is a list of excluded jurisdictions in the terms and conditions, so we advise you to read that list before doing anything else. You cannot play on the site if you live in the US or the UK, but there are a few other countries in Europe that cannot use it either, such as Malta and Spain.

You'll spot the games link at the top of the site

Wizebets has gotten wise to the fact there are lots of players wanting to head straight for the games, hence why they've put a games link in the menu. It's also possible to go into the list of developers in the gaming area. You can then see how many games each developer adds to the site.

The slot game area is the biggest one of all

You can expect to find lots of slots at this casino. In fact, there are no signs of any table games or other titles anywhere, so it makes sense this would be the case.

How many free games does the site offer?

It's hard to tell without creating an account, since you won't see any options to play without being logged in. However, we know many of the developers on the site tend to make sure they offer demo games, so this is ideal to know about.

How expensive are the casino games at Wizebets?

Even the quickest of glances at the game developer list reveals that the site offers well into four figures' worth of slots to play. This guarantees that you'll find lots of affordable games to play if you decide to put some real coins down on any of them. Take your time to explore and make sure you begin with an affordable budget - and don't go over it.

The new games receive their own category

They also get a new label in white and green, so it doesn't matter where you are on the website. You can always head for the new titles to see what they're all about.

How many promotions does Wizebet offer?

Not only can you easily spot the promotions at the top of the site but you can also see how many there are. We spotted the number six next to the promo area, and this included the 100% bonus with 100 free spins for first-time depositors. There's a generous second deposit bonus available too, ranking up another 50% offer with 50 free spins. And of course, there are other elements to look out for on the website, so you can expect to see lots of different promo deals to claim once you've completed those first two.

Look for the trophy to find the tournaments

There was only one available when we arrived at Wizebets Casino, based on a GameArt title, but it's encouraging to see the site does include a tournament area to explore. It's not always something you can count on.

No winning players mentioned anywhere

We searched the site looking for various other pieces of information and never came across anything like this.

Open the burger menu to find the loyalty area

Look for the gold crown and you're there. You can become a beginner member just by joining and depositing at Wizebets, but there are other levels to reach as well. There are many levels to work your way through, so how far might you get?

Is Wizebets Casino an easy site to reach on a mobile device?

Yes, and our experimentation on this revealed that the site adjusts to show you the best appearance, no matter how you reach it. If you try this on a computer by reducing the size of your screen, you can expect to see the screen change to reflect this. It's a great way to see the dynamic nature of Wizebets Casino in action. We did see options to get an Android app or iOS app via that burger menu though, so you can always take that route to enjoy mobile play if you prefer.

You must register for an account before you can play

This means you can gain access to all the games on the site. Be aware that you do not need to deposit anything when signing up. You can simply join and look around before making up your mind what to do. If you do go ahead and make a deposit, you can then claim the welcome bonus.

Instant play the whole day long

Most sites nowadays go for an instant play, browser-based experience for players to enjoy. The same is true of Wizebets Casino.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes - this is run by Boomerang Partners, so you can check out the given link in the lower menu on the site.

Sporting services aren't part of the action

Wizebets wisely sticks with its casino experience and offers a full range in that area without straying into any other betting areas.

Don't expect to read any blog posts

Some casinos go into this area, but we cannot count Wizebets among them.

Are there any live dealer games to try?

Yes, but you need to go through to the live area from the upper menu. This then loads all the live casino games for you to check out. You'll notice a similar menu for the games to the one seen in the regular casino, although there are different options to look at this time, including roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

Deposits are made via your wallet

You'll obviously need an account to do this. You can then select the most relevant method for your requirements. The website does not include a banking page, but it does list lots of payment services at the bottom of the site. These include cards, e-wallets, and quite a few other options, including cryptocurrencies.

How can you withdraw funds?

Again, your wallet is your friend here. Choose the withdrawal tab, select the appropriate method to withdraw via, and follow the instructions.

Does Bitcoin appear at Wizebets Casino?

It does, and you can also look for Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other methods.

Help begins at the FAQ page

All the most common queries to crop up are seen on this page. Check this before progressing elsewhere. If you open the burger menu we mentioned earlier, you'll see live chat available as the last option on that page, so it's neat to see you can chat with the team if you get stuck.