Spartan Poker

We love a website that's brave enough to use a splash or two of gold, and the Spartan Poker website certainly manages to do that. You can expect to discover plenty of information about the site here, as we take you through the various options you'll find there. As we discovered, Spartan Poker has a lot to offer.

What's their software like?

You can download their poker software from their website, and this takes you into the site proper. There are hundreds of games to play, and a poker download is the first step to reach them.

You can only see the lobby when you're inside your account

This is quite usual for a poker site, and it applies here as well.

Join the poker site via the signup area

Look to the top right, as is typically the case, and you'll see an invite to sign up from there.

Does Spartan Poker impose some signup restrictions to follow?

We'd be surprised if they didn't, and their set of restrictions is laid out in the terms and conditions area. It becomes clear early on that only those in India can use the website, and only then if they are over 18 years of age. A little further on, there is a brief list of states that do not allow online gambling, so if you're in India, be sure to check that first.

What kinds of poker games are available?

It's difficult to say in detail, but the homepage did showcase some Texas Hold 'Em imagery, along with Omaha Poker and Chinese Poker.

No slots, then?

No, this is all about poker.

What about some free games?

It doesn't look like it, although you must have an account to be able to check for further information on test games. There is no indication of any being present.

Be sure to check your wager before you play any paid games

The casino has a lot to offer, and this applies to betting stakes as well. Always make sure you set a budget before you start and stick to it too.

New slot games won't feature - but new poker games might

Keep an eye on the offered games at Spartan Poker - you can't tell whether any new additions might be added at various times. The more used to it you get, the easier it will be to make sure you know what to look for.

Does Spartan Poker offer any promotions?

It does, yes, and the best place to learn more about them is via the poker promotions tab in the menu. There are all kinds of deals in there, some varying more often than others, but there is a welcome bonus you can check out first. This offers up to 300% on a minimum deposit with the code SHIP300 - but do check the coupon code hasn't changed since we wrote this.

Tournaments are big news at Spartan Poker

They sure are, and there's everything from Signature Tournaments to daily events happening there. Check out the tournament tab, log into your account, and see what you make of it all. There are some freeroll tourneys to start with.

Do you get to hear about any poker winners?

You'll certainly get news about the outcome of any tournaments at Spartan Poker, so that's one of the best ways to get more information about some of the winners. Watch out for any other big winners along the way.

Don't miss your chance to read about some VIP rewards

The main menu includes a VIP area, where you can get more details about it and read lots of info about the VIP Club, free withdrawals, and other rewards on offer. This is clearly a big area and there is a lot of info in there that's easy to access. That's the best news we've had in a while for sure.

Download the app from the top of the site

Online poker does tend to require a free download, and there is a download available at the top of the Spartan Poker website. One click and you've got it ready to use within minutes.

They also have download invites for an Android app and an iOS app, so if you want to get the app for either of those mobile platforms, you can do that too.

Play without registration? Not at Spartan Poker

You must sign up before you can access their site.

Instant play is available as well

You'll see this as an alternative to access the poker games at the top of the site. It might be worth going for if you tend to switch devices.

What about some affiliate info?

There is a Refer and Earn program at the top of the site, so you can look at that if you're thinking about anything along affiliate lines. It's not strictly an affiliate program though, as there are limitations on the program.

There are no sporting services on offer

You won't find any sports betting at Spartan Poker.

Access some blog posts from the homepage

Really? Yep, it looks like they have covered lots of bases at this poker site. You can select one of several posts that scroll past, and the blogs area - along with tutorials - is linked from the Spartan Arena section at the bottom of their site.

Expect live dealers along the way

The website revealed there were over 250 poker games available, so once you're ready to play, you can expect to pull up a seat at one of their tables.

Deposits and their limits

The deposit methods page reveals a selection of familiar methods, such as credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, online banking, and various other possibilities as well. You can read full details on these via the relevant page.

How about making a withdrawal?

It appears you can only withdraw via net banking or by requesting a check.

Bitcoin isn't mentioned on their website

We saw no suggestion that players can use any other virtual currency method either.

Help comes from all directions

When you arrive at Spartan Poker, you'll see it offers lots of helpful pages to explore. Don't stick to the top of the site either - the lower menu contains even more detailed pages filled with advice and support. Finally, look for the Spartan helmet, as this takes you into the chat feature.