Kazaboom Casino

Kazaboom Casino

Kazaboom has certainly picked a name you'll remember, but is this casino set up to be memorable in other ways? That's what we were curious about, and we now have the answer. If you are ready to see whether you can sign up and play at Kazaboom Casino - and see whether it is worth doing - you can expect to get the info you need here.

Software brands appear at the bottom of most pages of the site

And you can expect some big names to crop up there too. No doubt you have heard of Playtech, Play'n Go, and NetEnt, but those are only three names picked from the crop you'll see there.

How big is the lobby?

It's big in terms of games, but there aren't that many categories to check out there. You can see slot machines, table games, and a section for everything, but that's about it.

Join the casino once you've explored a bit further

This is sensible because you cannot go on looks alone when considering which casino to sign up to. There is a lot yet to discover about Kazaboom Casino, including any potential restrictions in force, so let's look at those next.

Signup restrictions for this casino

As always, the clues are inside the terms and conditions. The usual minimum age has been set at 18, but if you're in an accepted area and you want to sign up, you still need to be of age in that area as well. In some cases, it might be higher. Point 2.1.2 of the terms and conditions covers the countries that cannot use the site, and these include Australia, the USA, and the UK among others.

Enter the 'all games' area and then load more

Before you decide whether to open an account at Kazaboom, you can view all the games on the landing page. You'll see an option to do this, and once you have scrolled through the first few, you can load more to get more titles to check out. It's a good way to get a fair mix of titles to explore.

Slots take the lion's share of games at this casino

That's true of most casinos though, so expect to find some impressive games in there. Some are labeled as popular titles, so you can get a feel for what other players have discovered before aiming to find your own favorites to play.

There are some free games to note as well

They're not obvious like they are on other sites - some casinos put a 'play demo' command or similar wording to indicate they're there. All you get at Kazaboom Casino is a play button, but upon selecting it, the demo loads. We guess if you choose a game that doesn't have this option, it won't load unless you have an account.

Expect a range of games to play in the affordability stakes

Affordable gaming is something many players look for. With lots of game studios and a wide array of slots and other games to play, most players will indeed find many titles they are happy to play at this casino.

New slot games could be tricky to find

The casino offers lots of slot games for sure, but we did not see any labeling for these, nor was there an area reserved for them to appear in. Other than the popular label, which could suggest something newer, that's it.

The first promotion arrives on the homepage

There is a 300% first deposit deal ready and waiting, so this is the perfect introduction to Kazaboom Casino. To find other offers, head for the bonuses category in the menu.

Tournaments aren't available yet

Whether this might change remains to be seen, but there was nothing available on our trip there recently.

The last big winners land on their homepage

You might even spot them before you scroll, but they're listed there, nonetheless. Some players have managed to score some impressive prizes, and you'll learn which games those prizes dropped on as well.

Rewards don't appear to be available at Kazaboom Casino

We didn't find a VIP page and while some casinos add the details to the promo section, this wasn't true either for this casino.

You shouldn't need to search for a mobile casino app

The site looks fine on a mobile screen, as we discovered when testing it. There is no reason to search for an app as the games look fine on those devices too.

Playing without registration is something else you can do

If you can find some games that allow this, you're able to play them before you set up an account. It's a good way to see what you make of the site before deciding whether to become a member.

Instant play is the only way the site works

And we think it's the easiest way, so make sure you get the most out of it on any device whenever you want to play.

Affiliate information

Some casinos create their own programs, and that's the case with this casino. Expect to go through to Kazaboom Partners when you investigate more information about the casino and its affiliate program.

Kazaboom also offers a sports area

This begins with an event view, with the dashboard appearing next to it. Live betting is apparent too, as you'll see when you check it out. There's a lot to appreciate there if you're a sports fan.

Blog/forum facilities do not appear

You may not have expected them to, though.

Kazaboom even includes a live casino for those interested

Do you like seeing real dealers handling the action? If so, head for the live casino area to check out the latest live games, so you can see where you'd like to pull up a seat and take part.

Deposits can be made in several ways at Kazaboom Casino

Without a banking or payments page anywhere, the only way we could learn more about this topic was to look at the payment providers on the landing page. These included AstroPay, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, and Interact. It looks like there could be some variations between countries too, so it's best to check this once you have logged in.

Withdrawals are automatically processed

Before moving ahead with a withdrawal, make sure you check which methods you can use in your account. According to the FAQ area, these are processed automatically and are sometimes received almost immediately, depending on the method selected.

We did not see any sign of Bitcoin or similar methods

Again, check inside your account via the cashier to know for sure, although we found no evidence to suggest you can use virtual currencies at this casino.

Now chatting…

Or at least you will be if you use the live chat feature. There is no need to fill in any details because you're invited to pose a question when you access it. They are there and ready to respond, hopefully within quick time too. The main menu also offers an FAQ area you can explore fir