Juicy Vegas Casino

What's in a name? When it comes to Juicy Vegas Casino, we get the Vegas connection, but what about the juicy part of the brand name? Let's see if we can figure it out as we explore the Juicy Vegas Casino in more detail. This could be a promising site to visit and check out, and we've done that already to give you the details you want right here.

You'll recognize this software brand

Realtime Gaming (RTG) is in control here, offering you a chance to explore their back catalog of casino games at Juicy Vegas Casino. This could well be one of the biggest reasons to sign up to the site.

Have you spotted the options inside the lobby?

When you arrive at the casino, you'll notice a giant menu at the foot of that page. This contains - among many other things - a list of the gaming categories. You can explore that to see what's available if you're ready to play.

The first step is to join the Juicy Vegas Casino

They've made it easy for anyone to sign up to their casino, thanks to the signup button you'll see at the top of the homepage. Just follow their instructions and you'll soon be on the inside of the casino for the first time.

Does Juicy Vegas limit anyone from joining?

Signup restrictions are common enough, and you'll find some inside the terms and conditions at Juicy Vegas, just as you'd expect. You should brush up on your local laws first, as these may exclude you from joining the site. If you can legally bet online where you are, and you're old enough, you can check their terms and conditions and begin the signup process.

Are there plenty of available games to play?

Yes, you can expect plenty of variety at Juicy Vegas Casino thanks to the Realtime Gaming connection. Sure, they're most famous for their slots, but they also have some cool table games, roulette, video poker, and a few assorted other titles too.

Which slots will you try first?

The available slots at this casino are superb to play. You can check out some of the available highlights on the landing page when you first arrive, but honestly, everything is a highlight with RTG. That's one of the best bits about signing up for Juicy Vegas Casino.

Free games are fine for members to play

We experimented for a while inside the casino and found lots of demo games to check out. This is a good way to find out more about a title that grabs your interest. Juicy Vegas Casino might just be worth checking out if you want somewhere that allows practice play whenever you fancy it.

Are their games expensive to play?

Define expensive… but really, you should find lots of titles that are perfect for your requirements. That's another advantage of testing the practice ones first - you can work out how much each spin or game will cost.

Expect regular and new slot games added to the casino website

With RTG games coming through for players to enjoy, you can expect something to drop every month. And when you've joined Juicy Vegas Casino, all those new titles will be ready for you to try upon release.

Promotions for new and old players alike

The opening welcome bonus can vary, but you can expect a generous offer to come your way as a new depositing player. They also have lots - and we mean lots - of other bonuses designed for those who have been around for a while.

Can we find any available tournaments to play?

Oftentimes, a casino will provide a menu area covering its tournaments - if it has any. Juicy Vegas plays things a little differently by offering some tournaments but listing them as part of the news area. You'll find this at the bottom of their website. It's worth a look anyway as there are some other fascinating articles and pieces there.

Recent winners didn't appear anywhere when we visited the casino

This isn't that uncommon, but you should remember this if you're eager to see some recent prize winners. We did notice a news item mentioning winners of a recent competition though.

Where can you learn more about their loyalty rewards?

Yes, they do have them, and you can learn more about them by checking out their packed promotions page. We found the link right at the bottom, so you can go through to the relevant page there and find out more about the four available levels you might reach. These are named after four cards from Jack to Ace.

Mobile and app details for Juicy Vegas Casino

The main menu at this casino provides a mobile casino link, along with specific links to a casino app, an iPhone app page (there isn't actually an app to use there though), and an Android APK page. Check those out as relevant to learn more details. Suffice to say that however you want to play and whichever device you have got, you can visit this casino using a tablet or smartphone.

Make sure you set up an account at Juicy Vegas Casino before you play

While some casinos let non-members try some demo games, that isn't true of Juicy Vegas. However, it's simple and quick to sign up for an account, and you won't need to deposit a dime to get the chance to try the demos on the inside.

Instant play is the best way to go at this casino

There are no standard downloads if you're on a computer, but you can expect to play easily and without delays thanks to their instant play, browser-based platform.

Affiliate info doesn't appear

While some players might want to know more about this, nothing along these lines appeared anywhere in the menus at Juicy Vegas Casino.

What about some sporting services and associated items?

No, you won't find any sportsbook or racebook options to choose from at this casino.

There is no forum and no blog, but…

The news area is about as close as you can get to a blog anyway, and we think you'll be eager to read the various articles listed there.

Will you meet any live dealers?

Unfortunately, no. This is no surprise when exploring an RTG-powered casino though.

You can make deposits in various ways

They offer the three big card methods - Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. We recommend signing in and visiting the cashier section to find out whether you have any other possibilities to choose from where you live.

Withdrawal methods are super thin on the ground

Their banking page reveals that you can choose from direct banking or a wire transfer.

Bitcoin wasn't on the list

We can confirm that Juicy Vegas Casino is not currently a crypto casino.

What should you do if you need some help?

Juicy Vegas has so many useful pages spread around its site, you shouldn't need to contact anyone. However, if you do want to get more details, you can use their live chat feature to make this easy to do.