Two for one… you know what that means, but how does it play out when you arrive at EveryGame Casino? You can find out more when you read our casino review here, which dives into both portions of the casino to explore them. You'll visit Casino Red and check out Casino Classic too, so you get a much better idea of whether you'll want to sign up and play there. Are you ready to explore? Let's go.

Available software brands at EveryGame

If you decide to go for Casino Classic, you'll be able to check out the available games from Wager Gaming. As an alternative, Casino Red offers games from Realtime Gaming. It's easy to know where you are because Casino Red uses that very color to drive home their branding.

The lobby is a breeze to visit and explore

You'll always see it to the left of the page, so you don't need to switch between designs. You'll be able to play all kinds of casino games regardless of which version of EveryGame you choose too. We guess that's why they're called EveryGame, right?

Join the casino by visiting the one you like most and going from there

You can check out each of the casinos at EveryGame and then work out which one looks best to you. Once you've decided, you can create your account at the preferred site.

Signup restrictions for EveryGame

They've got a minimum age of 18, unless you live somewhere that imposes a higher age than that, in which case you'd need to stick to that instead. You must also make sure your country is allowed. We noticed they welcome US players, along with those from Canada and Australia, but there could be restrictions in your country that aren't mentioned on the site, so check those too.

Choose the games you want to play

You can see there is a lot of choice available at each of the casinos that form EveryGame. We suggest you take your time to explore the game categories in Red and Classic, as it should make it easier for you to decide which part of the site to sign up for.

You'll find lots of slots to play regardless of which casino you join

Casino Red and Casino Classic certainly both go for your attention in this respect. Wager Gaming has some awesome titles available, as does RTG, so whichever site you decide to play at, you're going to get a wide range of slots to check out. And you can bet there are new ones coming soon too.

Can you play some free games?

You can, yes, as both developers in action at EveryGame are known for providing people with demo versions to check out. You can't always rely on this happening, so when it does, you're in for a reassuring time.

Check the bets for real games too

This is smart to do before joining either casino, as it could influence the decision you make. EveryGame has some diverse games to try, and each of those gives you a range of wagers. Some are going to appeal more than others depending on your budget, so by figuring that out in advance, you can better select Red or Classic based on those parameters.

New slots landing at Casino Red and Casino Classic

Each casino segment has an area given to all the new games on the site. In both cases, then, you can always find the games you want to try that have just arrived there.

Sorting through the available promotions

These are always going to change, so you need to look through the available deals on offer there right now before you decide to sign up. You should be able to get a welcome offer at either part of the site, followed by other offers intended for existing players in the future.

Tournaments could be available at Red and Classic

Casino Classic offers a dedicated tournament area to explore. Casino Red makes things a little trickier as no such area made it into the menu, although we did read about tournaments elsewhere on the site. This means you could get some tourney action no matter which part of EveryGame you decide to sign up for.

What about some recent winners?

News of winning players sometimes makes it onto a casino website, but nothing of the sort showed up anywhere at EveryGame.

Can you earn any rewards if you're playing for real at EveryGame?

It seems you can, yes - comp points are mentioned on Red and Classic, so you can get underway with some real wagers to begin earning them if that's what you decide to do.

No apps to bother with if you visit EveryGame on mobile

Lots of players access their preferred casinos via tablet or smartphone now. In many cases, they don't need an app to do this either. That proves to be the case at EveryGame, so you can look forward to accessing your Red or Classic account via your mobile device if you wish.

Can you play without registering first?

The registration process comes first at Casino Red, so make sure you get that sorted before you dive in. However, the demo games are accessible at Casino Classic, so if it is important to you to try some titles before signing up, that version of EveryGame is the best one to use.

Instant play is available at both versions of EveryGame Casino

You've also got a downloadable version of Red to try if you prefer, although no download is given at Casino Classic. We think the instant play browser version is best anyway, as it is the easiest way to get started with their games.

Find out more about being an affiliate

If you think you can send traffic to EveryGame and potentially convert some into paying players, you could receive payments for doing so. Find out more about the EveryGame affiliate program by following the link provided.

Check out the sportsbook at EveryGame

You'll see this at the top of the main site and from the Casino Red area too. Access it via the link given and you can see whether you'd like to place some sporting bets while you're there.

Can you read any blog posts at EveryGame?

Casino Red has a blog to check out, but the same doesn't apply at Casino Classic. There are no forum areas in either section of the casino.

Live dealer games don't seem to be a thing

We did catch a mention of them at EveryGame but found no suggestion of any real games in play at either casino. This might be something that only appears once you're inside your account, but they certainly didn't plug it in any way.

How to make deposits

EveryGame has a suite of cards and wallets to check out, but they also have a few cryptocurrencies you can try.

Making a withdrawal happens via the cashier

There are plenty of ways you can do this too - more so than we have seen at lots of other casinos.

Bitcoin isn't the only virtual currency you can try

The casino also welcomes Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Watch for any specific promotions connected with these methods as well.

EveryGame provides plenty of help and information if you need it

The help desk might be the best place to go, accessed from the foot of the site. There are lots of topics covered there, and you can still contact them if you can't find the answers you need.