BetPop Casino

BetPop is not your average casino - or your average website, come to that. Brace yourself because this is not going to be your average casino review either. We have a ton of ground to go over here, and it's necessary to cover it all because there is so much to look at. If you are thinking about checking out BetPop and potentially signing up, don't make a move until you've read every word in our review.

Which software developers provide the casino games?

With no logos to rely on, we did some digging to identify some of the game studios in action here. Among them are Wager2Go, Amigotechs, Dragon Gaming, and NetEnt. You'll need to visit different parts of the casino to find games from each developer, as you are about to see.

The lobby reveals the site offers four casinos in one

Really? Yep - when you enter the casino area, you'll see there is a Lucky Diamond area to check out first. However, you can choose the Classic, Virtual Slots, or Big Dick's Casino areas instead if you'd prefer. The Classic casino is a lot more basic - you might say classic - looking. Meanwhile, the Virtual Slots area is the one that has the modern slots in it. Big Dick's Casino has quite the collection too, so that's worth checking out, especially as there are some scratch cards and table games in the mix. Finally, the Lucky Diamond Casino lobby provides yet more slots to play, along with some table games and video poker. So, whatever you'd like to play, you can find something to suit at BetPop Casino.

It's thumbs up to join the casino

Yes, look for the thumbs up sign in the top right to access the page you need to complete to create an account there. It shouldn't take long to fill in the form, but it's worth making sure you get everything correctly detailed.

Let's cover the signup restrictions

When looking at the signup form, we noticed that the United States and Canada appear at the top of what is otherwise mostly (but not fully) an alphabetical list of countries. If your country is on that list, you should be fine to sign up, although we would encourage you to read the full set of terms and conditions prior to joining. This confirms the minimum age of 18, and adds a few countries that are not welcome to sign up. These include England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, so they're specific on those ones. Costa Rica is mentioned too. Since Australia isn't on that list, you should be okay to join if you live there.

You'll find different games inside each casino area

This is where you begin to see the advantage of being a member of BetPop Casino. You're signing up to play at four of them, in essence, and that bodes well for getting access to plenty of diverse slots. We found that each area had its own look and feel, so that's great news too. There were some slots from NetEnt in the Virtual Slots department, although far fewer than we found in the other casino areas. We guess you'll find your own favorite area to visit when you join this casino.

Checking out the slots at BetPop

One thing to remember about BetPop Casino is that the slots are more polished in some areas than another. Compare all other areas to the classic area, for example, and you'll see what we mean.

Do you get to play any free games?

You'll need an account to work out the answer to this one. Some developers, including NetEnt, regularly drop new slots with practice versions tagging along as well. So, there is a great chance that you can play some demo games once you've got that account set up and ready to use. Just make sure you do choose the demo if you can, as any bets with real coins will be final.

How many paid games might suit you to play?

This depends on your budget, and that's something you need to sort out before you play at any of the casino areas on offer at BetPop. It's worth taking some time to explore them all, as you may find one works better for you than another.

Are there any new slot games available?

There could be, but BetPop doesn't make it easy for you to find them. Unfortunately, they don't label anything, nor do they provide an area for the new releases to sit in. this means it is best to view them all first and become more familiar with them. That way, you can tell when something new turns up.

Does BetPop have plenty of promo offers to check out?

They do have a promotions area, yes, and you can look through plenty of offers there. Each panel displays one deal and gives bullet points for it, covering the main elements to be aware of.

Tournaments don't appear anywhere at BetPop Casino

There's plenty to check out at this casino, but it doesn't extend to providing players with any tournament action.

Casino winners don't turn up anywhere either

When you go into the casino area, you immediately find yourself in the first of the four casino sections. This means you won't see any news of winners anywhere.

What about some rewards?

There is a benefits page in the menu, and this highlights some of the perks of playing at BetPop. However, we found no suggestion of a VIP club or anything similar.

A superb and responsive mobile website

No matter how or where you view the BetPop website, you'll realize there are some impressive features included there. This includes via the mobile site, and you won't need an app to access it either. We experimented with visiting on a smartphone and found no hassle involved in using the site. Just expect the appearance to change, that's all.

Playing without registration isn't possible

If you choose a casino game to play, you'll just need to create an account - assuming you can in your area - or login to your existing account to play the game.

Is this an instant play casino?

It doesn't take long to realize there are no downloadable software links anywhere on the site. This means you need only visit the casino and choose which game you'd like to play, before letting it load and run in your browser.

What about an affiliate program?

Would you like to partner with the site to earn some potential commissions? If so, the Wager Partner affiliate program is the one to find out more about. This is linked inside the information column at the foot of the website.

There's much more to BetPop than a casino

The giant menu spread across the top of the site reveals access to a sportsbook first off, followed by live betting. This confirms that you can bet on all your top sports and players, along with following the live action if you want. There's a racebook further along in the menu as well, so horse racing fans will be well catered for too.

What about some blog posts or forum entries?

While BetPop has lots of excellent information spread across various articles and pages, it doesn't offer either of these features.

Live dealer games form another key part of BetPop Casino

The live casino area appears to the right of the main casino in the menu, so it doesn't take long to discover where it is and how to reach it. You'll see four areas to check out in there, covering blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Super6 games. You can discover the name of the dealer in each game, along with an invitation to choose a seat. If you like some real gaming, BetPop certainly provides an excellent chance to get involved.

Find out about deposits via the cashier

Look for the dollar sign in the menu and you'll see confirmation that this takes you into the cashier page. You can use a credit or debit card to deposit, but they also have virtual currencies and money transfer facilities should you wish to use something else.

Making a withdrawal is done following verification

Rather usefully, the withdrawals section of the cashier contains a link to the verification page, so you can read about that there. You'll also see that virtual currencies, eChecks, and regular checks are fine to request when you want to withdraw funds.

Bitcoin is listed as a deposit method

You should be able to withdraw this way too, thanks to the availability of various cryptocurrencies in that section.

Help and contact appear in the menu too

BetPop couldn't make it much easier to find lots of information if you need some assistance. Make sure you go to the help page first, as this takes you to a giant help section with FAQs on all kinds of topics. This may just be the biggest FAQ area we have ever seen! Meanwhile, the contact page provides two phone numbers you can use to speak with someone. There is no live chat at present.