BetOdds Casino

A closeup of a roulette wheel greets you when you arrive at BetOdds Casino. That is quite the image, and the message that goes with it reveals that they intend to bring Vegas into your home. We guess every casino wants to do this, so we thought we'd find out how close BetOdds gets. If you are ready to explore, come with us as we take you through the various areas on offer at BetOdds Casino.

Software providers in action at BetOdds Casino

We can confirm there are plenty of games from Betsoft at this casino. However, we did not see any confirmed game studio logos on the site. Furthermore, we did not see any more than a game preview, so without getting access to the full suite of games, it is impossible to tell which other software developers you might see there.

The lobby is available for members only to view

It shouldn't take long to create an account though, and once you have done that you can go through to view the lobby in detail.

Join the casino via the welcoming green button

You'll see this at the top of the site, as well as appearing at the top and bottom of the game preview area.

What about signup restrictions for BetOdds Casino?

The terms and conditions are quite short compared to some that we have seen. It notes the minimum age of 18 and confirms that you may need to be older than that if you live somewhere that does impose a higher age. You also cannot sign up from anywhere that does not allow online gambling, although they do not list any specific locations or countries that cannot use this casino.

What sort of games can you play at this casino?

BetOdds does provide some insight into its gaming area via the preview. There are blackjack, poker, and roulette games in amongst the slots, for example, so it's clear there is a mix of titles to play if you want a change now and then.

Will the slots be the biggest collection you can play?

Slots always tend to be greater in number than other casino games, no matter the site you are visiting. This holds true for this site as well.

The 'play for fun' message leads to the free games

We found most of the titles on the site did have free versions, but you'll need to check the individual titles in the lobby to confirm whether anything you wish to play has this option.

You can play any of their games as paid versions

Just remember to check the coin values and the total amount you will bet on each spin or game before doing so. One thing all paid games have in common is that all bets are always final, so you cannot cancel them once you've made them.

Can you expect to see lots of new slot games too?

Betsoft is never far from releasing their next new game, so we guess you'll see more of those coming soon at BetOdds Casino. The lobby should make it clearer where the newest titles are as well.

Find the promotions area in the main menu at Betodds

There are a few promotions to read about at BetOdds, with some relating to other areas of the site apart from the casino. There is an excellent welcome offer there for would-be casino players, but you can also watch out for other deals in future if you use the casino.

Tournaments did not appear anywhere in view

They might be added in future, or you might see occasional ones, but there was nothing available when we visited the casino.

BetOdds did not give news on any casino winners

You won't find anything of this nature on their website.

Do they offer information about player rewards?

Not that we could find, no. There does not appear to be a VIP program up and running either.

Mobile accessibility is fine at BetOdds Casino

They confirm on the homepage that players can visit the casino on a computer or mobile device. There are no apps or links to Google Play or the App Store, but that's because you can simply visit the casino via the usual mobile browser you would use for everything else.

Is it possible to play casino games without an account?

We attempted to load a few of the demos for various games, and it did look as if the site was going to load them. It took a while but it did eventually load some demos for us to try, so we can say the answer is yes - if you've got a little patience.

This looks like an instant play casino

There is no suggestion of a downloadable casino alternative available on their website.

Affiliate information leads to another site to read more about

You can visit Odds Partners to find out more about their affiliate program. They provide you with a link to this via the predictable 'affiliates' wording near the bottom of every page.

There are sporting services available too

BetOdds also offers a sportsbook, a racebook, and access to live betting if you also want to use those areas of the site. It means you can easily switch between the casino and sporting areas if you tend to bet on both.

There is no blog available at BetOdds

A quick look around confirmed this to be true.

Live dealer games are not mentioned anywhere

You can see links to lots of gaming areas at the top of the site when you arrive at BetOdds. However, none of those lead to a live casino area.

The cashier includes more info about making deposits

Visa, Mastercard, money order, P2P, and a range of virtual currencies appear in the deposit column on the cashier page. There are a few other possibilities there as well. Make sure you check whether a specific method is available in your location, as some are limited to specific countries.

Find out more about making a withdrawal on the same page

There are just three options for doing this, and these are money order, P2P, and Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin fine to use for depositing as well?

Yes, so while there are other crypto methods provided for depositing funds, Bitcoin is the only one covering deposits and withdrawals.

Go to the FAQs if you need some help

They do also have rules pages covering sports, house rules, and bonuses, so those are good to read as well. However, the FAQs cover a few of the common queries that crop up while using the site. You can also access their help center or simply go to the live chat area to start a conversation if you still have something you need an answer for.