AvantGarde Casino

AvantGarde Caisno has quite the… avant-garde name, doesn't it? It's certainly different from everything else we've seen online, and it stays with you because of that. But will it stay with you for other reasons too? The name is only the beginning, so we must dig deeper to determine whether there are reasons to stick around and play their casino games.

You're spoiled with software options at AvantGarde Casino

Dragon Gaming and Rival are among the brands you can expect to learn more about if you decide to play at this casino. Genesis Gaming is also present, and we know they've got an equally excellent range of games to play.

Signup restrictions in force at this casino

If you are expecting the minimum age to be 18, you're going to get a surprise - they've advertised it as 25. You must also live in an area that has made it legal to bet on casino games on the internet. The casino does not supply a list of prohibited regions or areas, so it is important to check this before you do anything else.

Visit all the available game areas on the landing page

Rather than having another area to visit that offers this service, AvantGarde Casino puts it all there on the landing page. You've got a live casino link first, followed by new games, the titles everyone else is currently playing, slot games, and others. If you want something to play, you are going to find it there for sure.

Promotions appear in their own area via the menu

We would suggest you check this first if you are thinking about joining the site, owing to the quantity of potential offers you'll find in there. The welcome bonus mentions weekly promotions and specials, while there are other deals including raffles, cashback insurance, and more, too.

You won't need to complete a download before you begin

There are no links or pages mentioning a computer download or app, so you must simply look for a game you would like to try and then load it. It'll work in your browser, so there is no hassle over how to access it or begin playing. Once you're a member, you're all set to play.

Spot the message about VIP loyalty points

We noticed this appearing on the landing page, so that's a quick confirmation that such a program exists. Further details about collecting comp points appear on the promotions page, so you can head over there to read about the possibilities.

What do we know about possible banking methods to use there?

CASHlib, Bitcoin, and Mastercard are mentioned as banking options when you visit the FAQ area. They also display the Visa logo on the website, so we guess you can use that method as well. No others are mentioned anywhere else on the site.

Is AvantGarde Casino worth signing up to play at?

You must explore each area of the casino to get a better picture of what's on offer there. We think you'll like what you find, but you can see from the games whether it holds enough promise to welcome you as a member. It's certainly a different site when compared to many others, not just because of the name but because of the quirky approach and range of services. Does it do enough for you to give you that signup desire?