Wild Hog Luau Slots

Wild Hog Luau Slots

We sometimes think that software developers are running out of ideas for unusual slot game topics… and then we run into a slot game like this one. Wild Hog Luau has a title you won't soon forget, and it'll probably get your thoughts ticking over too. But is this going to offer a range of promising prizes, or will that title be the best thing about it? It's time we discovered some answers.

Developer information to introduce you to this slot

You can tell plenty about a game from its developer, and we can name Realtime Gaming as the name behind this one.

You should load the demo version first

It's safe and comes with demo credits, and you can use those to play the game to see it in all its hog-like glory.

The title really does reveal the theme

Is this really going to treat us to a Wild Hog Luau? Yes, it is, and boy do those hogs know how to celebrate.

This could be the quirkiest design for a slot we've ever seen

A wild hog luau is of course going to show us a range of hogs attending the luau, and they've dressed up for the occasion too. Expect the loudest shirts you've ever seen, with some of the hogs wearing makeup as well. You'll want to just sit and look at this one for a bit first.

Let's dive into the Wild Hog Luau slot game

The usual five-by-three format is back in action for this one. It doesn't come with progressive jackpots, so you'll need to rely on finding the combinations given in the paytable to get some prizes here.

The game offers a wild that looks like the skull of one of the hogs. We hope they haven't been partying too hard. This replaces most symbols except for the totem pole in use as the scatter.

Very few paylines appear in this one

If you were expecting 20 or more, dial that back down a bit to just eight.

Choose your bets before you spin the reels

We can confirm this one's status as a penny slot, so the lowest bet is just eight cents. This should make it a good one for most players to check out. There are other coins you can select though, ranging up to $5 apiece. If you played that on each line, you'd be looking at the maximum $40 spin bet.

Make sure you spend some time reading through the paytable

Even though we're sure you'll be eager to play a game as strangely themed as this one, take a moment to check out the paytable first. All the prize combinations and values will be in there.

Does Wild Hog Luau include any bonus elements?

You can trigger a Lucky Streak Respin whenever you land a prize combination anywhere in view. The symbols involved in the combination stay in those positions while all the others spin again. If this betters the original prize, so much the better. Alternatively, it might create another prize, in which case you'd receive that too. An improvement or new prize also triggers another Lucky Streak Respin.

Free spins also appear in this game

Scattered totem poles can bring you some of these, with 10 free games unlocked in exchange for three of those. If you find another three totem poles during a free spin, another eight freebies are added to the remaining total.

Prizes will unlock the Lucky Streak Respin with a difference. Expect multipliers to come into play this time around as well.

We don't know what the RTP might be

With no chance of finding this in the paytable, you may wish to check the value at the casino you intend to play at before doing so.

Our rating goes quite high for this one

We think a score of 8.5 points from a maximum of 10 would be fine for this one. To be honest, it deserves that for the theme alone. While there are no bonus features on second screens, the respin along with those free spins provides you with a cool and amusing game to play.

The paytable in this one reflects your prize amount

This means you must set your wager before you look through the paytable to see what the prizes are like. It only takes a moment to do though.

Play Wild Hog Luau for a quirky slot game experience in demo mode

A few practice spins of the reels are ideal to begin with, so you can fully appreciate just how odd this slot is in terms of the theme. Of course, you can also assess how far a budget might go with this one.

Eight cents per play is a low starting point for the real game

There are plenty of slots out there that work as penny slots, but they do not all have just eight lines to play on. This makes Wild Hog Luau a great fit in this sense.

Find the hogs on your mobile device too

Go wild with a few practice spins on Android or iOS if you prefer. Take that luau wherever you go.