Tips to Find Authentic Websites Offering Free Casino Chips

Who can resist a free casino chip? Those who regularly play at online casinos - or who are at least considering doing so - should look for casino offers to help them squeeze the best out of their chosen website.

Of course, you cannot assume all free chips work the same way. Some are far better than other deals in terms of their value - and we don't just mean the value on the front of the chip. In some cases, a $5 freebie could be better to use than a free chip worth $10.

We've written about other aspects of finding and claiming free chips on our website, so check out those articles too. Here, though, we'll focus on how to find casinos you can trust that offer the best free chip deals.

Find out which casinos you can use in your country

Most casinos limit the players who can use them. The terms and conditions typically reveal which countries can - and cannot - use the site. In some cases, you may find you try to visit an online casino and are prohibited from seeing it. That's a quick way to get an answer.

So, you need trusted casinos you can visit and legally play at in your country. If you choose an offshore casino, make sure you can safely use it and that it has been around for a while. A track record counts for plenty here, especially if you decide to make any deposits there.

Look for a valid casino license

Not only that, but the casino license should also be valid for your country (unless you've elected to play at a trusted offshore casino offering services to those living where you do).

Don't just trust the licensing info and accreditation or logos used on the website either. Make sure you check and see whether it is still valid.

Do your research

Read reviews from other players on trusted review sites to figure out which sites have a genuine track record, and which do not live up to their own hype. Check too whether these casinos regularly offer free chip deals, perhaps to regular players as well as to newbies. Some casinos are known to love free chips, attaching them to match bonus offers as well as offering them independently.

Many new casinos turn out to be excellent sites to play at, but you won't know to begin with whether you can trust them or not. This means you should stick with those that have been around for a while. Time tends to find out those you cannot trust.

Check for responsible gambling and RNG information

RNG means random number generator, and this is how trusted casino games work. You don't want to use a casino that doesn't work with this format, as it's likely you'll never win anything.

Look for fair wagering requirements

This is something that's easily missed yet is vital to your use of any free chips you receive. The lower the multiplier for the wagering requirements, the easier it will be to reach it and cash out.

If you can bear all these things in mind before you join a casino, you're far more likely to find a trusted and player-friendly casino with plenty of free chips you'll want to claim.