A Night in Paris

Do you remember a slot called A Night in Paris? If you loved that 3D delight from Betsoft, you won’t want to miss the new edition – a sequel called Return to Paris. This is a superb game with all the stunning imagery of the first one, given a makeover and polished even more. We check out the features here.

Scoop a maximum of 1,056x your bet

We know – that’s low compared to the top prizes in lots of other slot games. However, it suggests we’re playing a low volatility slot game in this case. This means you might experience more regular prizes on the reels rather than the occasional larger prize.

Expect a 5 x 4 matrix to play on

You’ll see lots of stone symbols as the letters and numbers, with other riches that might appear inside a museum as well – diamonds, golden urns, and crowns. We think the thief might be eager to steal some of those. There is a wild too, lit up and golden in appearance, and since it says WILD, you can’t miss it.

The thief steals treasures from the reels

Whenever he appears anywhere on the reels, he steals a symbol and collects it at the bottom of the screen. The vacated spot receives another symbol to fill it.

Whenever the cop appears, he’ll do his duty and replace a stolen treasure, taking it back to the museum.

Explosive wilds and Mona Lisa free games

You might think getting the thief and the cop next to each other would be a bad move. However, if this happens, they both go wild. Better still, symbols surrounding them all go wild too. You’ll then see whether this feature left you with any prizes on the reels.

Three Mona Lisa paintings appearing on the middle reels give you entry to the free game feature. This contains a chase where the cop tries to catch up with the thief as he moves around the reels stealing more treasures. You never know how many spins you’re going to get from this feature, so stay tuned and watch the action.

Check out the Return to Paris slot today

This is an awesome game, just as the first one was, although we think this is marginally better. There are no second screen bonuses to find, but there is plenty happening on the base game reels alone. You don’t want to miss this if you find it launching at a Betsoft casino online today.