Let ‘Em Ride

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Playing Let'Em Ride at Cafe Casino begins with your first bet once the cards are dealt. If you have a pair of tens or better, you should raise at that point to get more money. However, you can also raise if you have three cards that may enable you to get a flush or straight flush. If you don't have the necessary cards to pull out a flush or straight flush, click on continue and get the fourth card for free. If you have a winning hand at this point, hit the raise button before the fifth card is dealt.

What is an Open-Ended Straight?

When you can complete a straight by getting a Jack or a six on the fifth card, you will win and the payout is 5-1. If you don't have a straight, hit continue once again to get the fifth card for free. If your hand still doesn't make the grade, you lose. While many people who play this game say it is very easy to understand, we suggest you practice play Let 'Em Ride until you get the gist of the game. Then you can go on to play for real money.

You Don't Need a Straight to Win!

I played Let 'Em Ride to illustrate how this game works. First, place your bet. The betting range is $1 to $500. Three cards are dealt to the player. I was dealt a King, Queen, and a Four. Above my three cards are the House's cards. They were dealt a King and a Queen. Since the hands combined rendered me two pairs, I won. If you are not dealt any two of a kind, click on continue. The first card is dealt at the top. Then the second card is dealt at the top. You can raise at either point. I didn't because the house one with a King high, which was dealt to me. On the next hand, I was dealt a Jack, Queen, and Ten. I raised one dollar and the upper card was dealt. It was a Nine. I raised again. The second upper card was an Eight. Therefore I won with a straight. The bottom line is you will know when to raise and when not to.