Piggy Bank Bills Slots

The Piggy Bank Bills slots game is a colorful, exciting money-filled game with plenty of piggy notes offering different amounts. There are nine paylines in the game, but the real fun is matching piggy notes leading to high payouts. The piggy notes range from 0.25x to 1000x and appear in halves on the reels. Matching the halves gives the player a payout based on the multiplying amount shown. The different piggy bills appear on reels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Extra Rewards and Special Features in Piggy Bank Bills Slots

There is a wild symbol that appears in halves. When a single half appears on the reels, it joins with another symbol and acts as a substitute turning that symbol into an entire piggy bill and paying out the amount detailed. Two halves of a wild give the player a random multiplier payout. Two scatter symbols joining together give the player eight free spins per joined scatter symbol. Eight free spins are awarded the lowest paying symbol taken off the reels if two scatter symbols are joined. Three of the joined scatter symbols give eight free spins, with two of the lowest paying symbols taken off the reels. And there is even more, random modifiers are added during base gameplay giving the player cash bonus payouts increasing the overall return to the player, and offering more and more fun and reasons to keep playing and enjoying Piggy Bank Bills Slots. Piggy Bank Bills slots offer a 96.5% return to the player over time, giving online and mobile players plenty of reasons to keep playing, enjoying and winning.