Nine Realms Slots

With over two hundred and forty three ways to win, Nine Realms Slots is a virtual adventure as mystifying and uniquely fun as it is rewarding! Matching classic symbols of the old world to flutes and harmonies of the Nine Realms, players will find themselves immersed from square one.

The gorgeous visuals are laden with a kingdom of the old world, and the heroes who once crafted it. Match the figures of mystique and unlock wealth as you progress through the worlds of Nine Realms. Players may find themselves in the Mystical Zone when they've matched enough powerful figures such as the Aces, Kings, or legends from the Nine Realms themselves!

The gatekeeper portal adds role playing elements to this slots adventure by creating Wilds and bonus multipliers for the player to vie for. Once in the gatekeeper's portal, players will find icons of the old world and Nine Realms after Wilds are converted from the eerily fascinating gilded horned skulls. Prizes and bonus multipliers are always much more lucrative and worthwhile when planes of the Nine Realms are unlocked, and the gatekeeper portal is no different!

The elements of war and mysticism are heavy in this slots adventure, and it allows fans of fantasy and lore to get their fill all the while attempting to win huge prizes! Nine Realms Slots is also welcoming to new players who may not be so willing to jump into the action right away, but even so, free rolls and spins offer nearly eighty thousand ways for players to win! Free spins are granted frequently and the endless amount of play times with the near hundred thousand credits granted can allow players to learn how to maximize their profits and jackpots all around!

Nine Realms Slots also offers a unique take on the standard reel by having a five by seven format. Simultaneous spins can create a lot of matching options and the win rate is solid for this virtual slots adventure. This is a gaming marvel in many ways and although the theme and storyline are dated, the visuals, sound and game design definitely isn't. The game feels new and offers a fantastically engaging take on the standard slots template.

There is a lot to enjoy about the craftsmanship of this game, and while one enjoys the music and ambiance of the NIne Realms, they too can revel in the treasure and wealth of the old world.