Hearts Desire Slots

Hearts Desire offers a clue to what might be happening in this game. When we talk about our heart's desire, we mean something we very much want to happen. So, what could that mean in the context of a slot game? It's time to find out the answer. Come with us as we put this game to the test.

Which developer is behind this release?

It's none other than Betsoft, so that ought to give you a few clues to how this one might pan out.

You'll get the chance to try it to see what you think

Betsoft always adds a practice game to play alongside the real one, so you can choose that first to see what you think.

What is the theme in Hearts Desire?

Given the release timing for this game, we fully expected a romantic Valentine's Day effort. However, upon loading it, we were met with a ton of fruit. There is a heart-shaped gem involved though, along with a gold heart, so we guess there is a tenuous link there.

The design is a mix of old and new

There are plenty of fruit that look sharp enough, but it's the background that really draws us into the game. There are heart-shaped bubbles floating around, with the occasional bright star soaring up to the top of the reels and disappearing. It's all quite good, although nothing compared to Betsoft's more familiar 3D slot games.

How to play Hearts Desire slots

This is a five-reel game with three symbols per reel. You'll soon notice the four jackpots above the reels, as they're quite sizable compared to others we have seen.

The wild symbol features the word with lots of multicolored heart bubbles behind it. This replaces everything apart from the gold heart and the gem heart. The wild can land on all the reels except for the first one.

The gold heart is a scatter symbol and can land anywhere on any of the reels. The gem heart can only appear when you are inside the free spin round, so we'll cover that more later.

How many lines does the game include?

There are 30 in all, each paying from left to right as you'd expect. With no numbers showing you where they are - other than inside the paytable - you might be able to tell that they're fixed.

Is this a pricey game to play?

The cheapest wager is 30 cents, covering all 30 lines at a penny per go. You can use the plus button to go higher, reaching $120 at the upper end of the scale if you go that far.

Select the info logo to reach the paytable

The game positions this in the usual spot for a Betsoft slot, underneath the reels between the first and second ones.

Bonus elements you should know about

There is a progressive jackpot feature that may rarely and randomly trigger, providing a chance to spin the progressive reel to see whether one of those jackpots might come your way.

Stacked mystery symbols are far more commonly seen in Hearts Desire. Stacked positions appear on every reel before each spin. This means the same symbol will appear in every position on one reel, with the chance of the same or a different symbol on one or more other reels.

Free spins come via the gold heart

This is a scatter, and you must get five or more to earn five free games. The triggering gold heart values are added to a meter before you start your spins. Whenever you get another gold heart showing up in the free spins, you get another free game to play, while the value shown on it is added to the meter.

You might also see the gem heart appearing during these games. This can also display a value. You might also see multipliers worth 2x, 3x, or 5x to improve the result.

Does the game include a good RTP value?

Betsoft slots usually go beyond the minimum desired value of 96%, and we can confirm this happens again with Hearts Desire. The figure we have direct from Betsoft is 96.13%.

Our rating for this slot game: Does it hit the spot?

This is a solid game, although those who love the more detailed and in-depth themes from Betsoft may not like it that much. We think there are enough features to bring a score of 8/10 to the table though.

Can you get close to this prize amount?

Betsoft typically uses the loading screen to display the best prize outcome in its slots. It does the same here too, offering a figure of 1,787x your bet as the top prize.

Demo play provides the best introduction

You can explore all parts of the game - except for the progressive jackpot part, we guess - to see what you think of it before going further.

Will you play Hearts Desire for real?

While not quite the Valentine's slot theme we were thinking of, this game still has some good features to note. Check it out and see whether you're keen enough to make some real bets.

Mobile availability is there too

You can also play Hearts Desire slots on Android or iOS if you prefer to access your favorite casino that way instead.