Explosive Wins Slots

Explosive Wins could just be the most explosive title we’ve seen, offering bags of potential to explore in just three reels. Yes, this is a three-reel game, but it doesn’t match up with any of your regular fruit-filled slots. Instead, we’re getting something far juicier to play.

Featuring fireworks and flags

American flags, as it turns out, as you’ll see the wild waving the US flag during the game. We hope you see the wild anyway, as it does a superb job of substituting for various other game symbols. And the fireworks? They appear as a scatter symbol, with six fireworks lit and ready to launch in that image.

Three simple lines to play

They might have fitted in lots more lines in this one, but they’ve limited themselves to three of them. Each one runs from left to right directly across the three reels, so they stack on top of one another.

The fireworks bonus leads to some explosive prizes

So, this is where the explosive wins of the title could occur. You need to land four bonus symbols to get this opportunity though, with one of them dropping into each of the corners in the game.

You’ll love the rules for this feature though. All you need to do is to choose a corner and watch as the scatter symbol reveals a prize. Then you choose another corner… and you eventually get to select all four to give yourself four prizes to walk with back to the base game.

Arrows Edge has a bright US-style slot in play here

We loved this new game from Arrows Edge. Many of their previous slots had a certain appearance, and while that’s certainly not a negative thing, it’s great to see they’ve gone for a new look here. Is this the first of many slots to give an alternative appearance or will we see them revert to their classic look for future slot game releases?

Right now, we’re not concerned about that. We’re too busy spinning the reels of this slot game in search of a few Explosive Wins. We hope you can achieve a great

outcome from the game if you play – but you can always check out the demo before you do anything else.