Sports Interaction Casino

Sports Interaction Casino does indeed offer a sporting area as well - it would be an odd name to choose if it didn't. Our focus here is on the casino, of course, although we will cover a few other areas along the way. If the casino is the part that you are most interested in, get ready to find out more about it here.

A few words about the available software developers

It didn't take us long to discover some big names at Sports Interaction Casino - think of Playtech and Pragmatic Play, for example. We spotted the Age of the Gods series from the former, and lots of Drops and Wins titles from the latter. Yet with over 500 games on offer, you can bet there are lots of titles waiting to be discovered.

The casino lobby is a big one

Hop across to the casino area and you'll find lots of grayed-out names there for the various categories. You'll see each one light up as you select it, and there are lots to consider. Age of the Gods slots get their own category, as do the Drops and Wins titles. Aside from those, there are ones for slots, featured games, jackpots, roulette, and many more.

Join the casino - but not until you've checked whether you can

As with all online casinos, don't assume that being able to access the site and look around is confirmation that you can legally play there. The best way to know for sure is to see the terms and conditions for more information, so let's do that now.

The terms and conditions cover the signup restrictions

Sports Interaction Casino offers details on the acceptance of new members early in the terms and conditions. These reveal a minimum age of 19 - and you must be resident of Canada to play there.

Look through the lobby to find your favorite games

With so many lobby sections to visit, you can soon find the game type you most want to play. Of course, it helps to check them all out, especially the featured ones, as there could be some nice surprises in there as well.

The red 7 reveals the slot game area

This is good to see and relevant too, since the red 7 appears in lots of online slot games. There are hundreds of slots to check out, so whenever you feel ready, head over there and see what you make of them. How many do you recognize - and how many might be new to you?

Free games should be provided for many games

There were too many to test while writing this review, but if you check each title you may wish to play, you can find out whether it's possible to use demo play first. In most cases, this will be ideal.

Are the games expensive to play?

With such a wide range of titles to look through, there is no obvious answer to this. We think everyone will find lots of titles to play that suit the amount they can bet on them - it's always the case when you find hundreds of available titles at a casino like this one.

New slot games couldn't be simpler to find

See that NEW label? It appears in the corner of all the new additions to their website, so if you're keen to see what's new, you can spot those titles no matter where you're looking for games to play. They also have a new area just for those.

Promotions get their own area

Since this casino forms part of a much bigger website, you can guess that not all the deals are going to involve casino offers. However, you will find all the available promos in the relevant area of the menu - appearing to the right of the site.

Tournaments didn't feature

This happens more often than you'd believe, as lots of casinos don't offer them. The closest thing we spotted was a selection of Drops and Wins games provided by Pragmatic Play.

Casino winners don't appear anywhere

Could that change if someone manages to scoop one of their biggest jackpots? Yes, it could, but we didn't see any winning information anywhere.

Rewards aren't mentioned at Sports Interaction Casino

There is a points program for poker players on the site, but there is nothing that suggests a program extending to casino players.

Do you need to download an app to visit on a mobile device?

It might be possible - they do mention a casino app but provide no links on how to get it. That said, we did try visiting the casino on a tablet and a smartphone and had no trouble doing so via our usual browser.

You must register for an account before you can play

We know some of the games include demo versions, but you'll only be able to access those if you create an account. There's no need to worry about depositing until you're ready though.

Instant play replaces any requirement to download software

It looks like Sports Interaction Casino works on the idea of offering games that run in your browser. This means you can switch computers if you want to, rather than only being able to visit on the machine you've downloaded software onto. It does make for an easier and more user-friendly experience.

Don't forget to read about their affiliate program

This is part of the Sports Interaction website, so you can read everything you need to know if you access the link provided near the bottom of their website.

Sporting services on offer at Sports Interaction

While our focus here is the casino, we should also cover the sporting part of the brand, since this features in the site name. you can find all kinds of odds and bets available in the sports arena, along with another area reserved for live betting. We loved the menu for the sports, as each one has a logo or ball to show you which sport you are looking at. It's one of the easiest sporting websites we've ever seen.

They haven't started a blog yet

You can expect to get the details here if this should change.

There's a lot to see in the live casino too

This is a separate area of the casino, so you can easily get there from the main menu and find out more about the various areas you can explore. Expect to find some featured games first, along with game shows, roulette, blackjack, and all kinds of other possibilities too.

Learn more about making some deposits

The website displays plenty of methods at the bottom of the site, as often occurs with betting sites like these. Expect to see some cards and online wallets there, with further details in the help section. The best way to see which methods you can use is to log into your account. That's because methods can vary depending on your location.

Get advice on making a withdrawal too

The help area mentions Instadebit and eChecks, but again, accurate details for your location will be in the help area.

Bitcoin isn't mentioned on the website

We did not see a logo for this or for any other virtual currency.

The help section takes you into another page

This is one of the biggest help areas we have ever visited, and it presents you with several areas to consider searching through at the top. They even supply a search feature, making it easy to enter a word or phrase to see if they have any information on it. The website also offers a live chat service, so that's the way to reach the team if you need further advice.