Mystake has a lot to share with anyone who lands on the site. There is plenty to take in even on the homepage, but you can be sure you'll find some excellent features there no matter which pages you explore in more detail. We are focusing on Mystake Casino, so you can expect to find lots of information about that below. You can also get a few hints on what else you might find there.

Software brands are easy to spot on the homepage

All you need to do is to look at a few of the top casino games displayed there. Not only do they provide you with the title and logo for each one, but they also give you the software brand name. We spotted Evoplay, Spinomenal, NetEnt, and Booongo among several others, so it looks promising even at this early stage.

Head to the casino proper to find the lobby

At the top of the Mystake website, you'll see a link to the casino. That's where you get a better idea of what is on offer. You can see how many games there are (clue - lots), and check some of the available categories. These include your favorites, popular slots, jackpot game, Megaways titles, and much more besides.

You can sign up from the homepage at Mystake

You can't miss the red signup button at the top of the page, and if you follow that, you can get the process underway. It's good to check out the promotions first, of course, as you might find you can claim one of those when you make your first deposit.

Who can play at Mystake Casino?

As usual, the answers to this question are inside the terms and conditions. You'll see the common minimum age set at 18, but don't forget that if your locale allows you to play online, it may set a higher age. You need to abide by the highest age, whichever one that may be.

The site also confirms that you must make sure you can legally bet online, as they cannot check every location. There was a tiny list a little way further down that page, and this confirmed that you cannot play if you live in the USA. France and the Netherlands were also on that list, but we saw no mention of Australia or Canada.

Does Mystake offer plenty of casino games to play?

Yes, there were over 6,700 of them when we visited the site, and there were lots inside the new area as well. We guess you might find an even bigger quantity when you visit.

Mystake Casino includes lots of popular slots

We noticed Bonanza, Book of Dead, Immortal Romance, and lots of others, so this could be the ideal place to begin your search for some slot games to play. As we saw on the homepage, you will also spot the name of each developer underneath the slot title.

How many of the games have free versions to try first?

With thousands of available games on the site, it would be impossible for us to confirm whether each one has a demo. We do know, however, that plenty of them do, as there are some excellent developers in action on the site. You'll need to check individual titles to see what's happening in each case.

Will you find enough suitable paid games at Mystake Casino?

We are sure you will find lots of titles to fit your wallet, as there are simply so many available at this casino. It would be tricky to think you could sort through over 6,700 games and find only one or two that would be ideal for your preferences. It might take a while to find them, of course, but there are many categories and types to look through.

The new games category is essential to check

We'd suggest doing this whenever you visit, as there are lots of entries in the new category. Some may be marked as new because they've only just appeared at Mystake, whereas others might be new because they've not long been released, so you've got a mix to consider there.

The promotions area is easy to find

This has several categories to look through as well - and that's important because Mystake is about way more than just a casino. They have areas for sporting bonuses, live casino bonuses, and other deals as well. This makes it easier for you to narrow the field if you're looking for something a bit more specific. You can find several welcome bonuses there as well, including one for the sports area and another for the casino. Take care to check the rules for these and choose wisely, as you may find you can only claim one welcome offer.

Can you expect to find any tournaments at Mystake Casino?

It does seem they offer them because there is an area for tournaments in the main menu. It's marked as HOT too, so we guess that means it is popular. However, we saw no tournaments or information about them when we visited that page. It could well be that only those who are signed in can view this information though. The area wouldn't be a hot feature if there was nothing in there.

There is no sign of a list of casino winners

We honestly think that there are so many features and elements to get across at this casino, it would be almost impossible to find room for a list of winners as well.

Check out the Mystake Bonus Club too

We spotted a link to this at the foot of the website, and it took us to a site specifically for this. It looks to be connected to the casino, with a welcome bonus and something called a Mystake Chicken Bonus available as well. And no, that is not a complex form of typing errors…

There are all kinds of things to read about on that page, so we suggest you pay a visit when you check out the Mystake Casino for yourself. It could provide you with even more to appreciate during your membership.

What do you do if you want to play on mobile devices?

We looked around for any sign of an app and it does not appear that you need one. They do have a mobile friendly logo near the bottom of their site, so that is an encouraging sign. We expect both Android and iOS users will be able to visit the site whenever they wish.

You will need to open an account before you can play at Mystake

We attempted to access one or two but were always met by the login screen. So, it seems that while there are demo versions of many games, you can only access those once inside your account.

Instant play whenever you want it

You can probably tell by now that this is an instant play casino. We found no suggestion of a downloadable casino, so you can just load all the games you want to try in your regular browser. The site is fast to load and easy to get around, so you won't have any issues in this respect.

They offer information for potential affiliates as well

Look in the information column near the foot of the site. This has an affiliate link in it that takes you to that area. If you are curious about potentially bringing in money via recommendations for new players, it's worth reading more there.

There are plenty of sporting opportunities too at Mystake

Look out for the sportsbook, live sporting action, racing, virtual sports, and even eSports. Yes, those options all sit alongside the casino ones in the menu, so if you fancy even one or two of those, you can see just how much you might get out of your site membership.

Did you know that Mystake also has its own blog?

This is available at the bottom of the site as well and contains plenty of articles. They explain how to play some of the games on their site, so the blog provides a good source of knowledge before you begin.

Live dealer games sit in their own area at Mystake

Access those from the main menu, just as you can for the regular casino, and you'll see another selection of categories purely for the live casino. You can try the live roulette, blackjack, poker, and game show titles among many others. This might be one of the best live sites we've seen, as there are so many titles to check out.

Depositing at Mystake Casino

Given how much information there is at the casino, it was a big surprise to find no banking page to look at. It means there is little info to go on ahead of creating an account. We did, however, spot lots of payment method logos on the site. These included cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies as well.

Look at the available banking methods before making a withdrawal

It's often the case that some casinos have methods that are only for depositing and some that are only for withdrawing. Since there is no banking page to read at Mystake, we cannot be certain whether that's the case here. Check the cashier prior to depositing for the first time, so you can see whether one method might be ideal for both purposes.

Bitcoin does appear on the list

Mystake welcomes Bitcoin, as confirmed by the logo, but we didn't see other virtual currencies listed. Check whether you can get a specific bonus for your next Bitcoin deposit too if you're keen on using this method.

Help provided at the site

There is a help column to explore, and next to that you've got three methods for contacting them. These include live chat, which must be the easiest one to use.