Loyal Royal Casino

Loyal Royal Casino certainly has a cool ring to it, but don’t expect this to be an ordinary casino. It uses the sweepstakes model to provide entertainment and prize-winning chances, so it is important that you know how it all works before trying to create an account there.

Who provides the games?

It’s hard to tell just now, as the site is relatively new, and you only get a glimpse of the games before you sign up.

Signup restrictions apply to those who can participate in sweepstakes

Check the terms and conditions to be sure of whether you can use this social casino. Most US states permit sweepstakes, but there can be limitations in some states. Not all US sweepstakes websites operate in all permitted states, either.

What sort of games can you play there?

Loyal Royal Casino has slot games and card games for sure, as we noted those on the landing page. You can access the full suite of games when you’re on the inside, so to speak.

What about promotions?

It’s good to check the availability of any promotions on purchases you might make there. While you don’t need to purchase anything, you might want to check the packages on offer. You cannot purchase any Royal Rubies, but they might come as a freebie alongside a purchase of some Loyal Coins, for instance. Loyal Coins are for social play at Loyal Royal Casino.

What do you need to know about purchase methods?

You don’t need to purchase anything to be in for a chance of winning prizes at this casino. Since it works on the sweepstakes model, it’s possible to play and stand a chance of collecting Royal Rubies to play with and convert to real cash prizes later.

Explore Loyal Royal Casino in detail before you sign up and play

We hope you can understand that this is a social casino with the addition of some sweepstakes play. Some players may decide not to worry about the sweeps aspect of it, and that’s fine. If you want to play some brilliant games just for entertainment, you can do it at Loyal Royal Casino.