Caesar's Empire Slots

It's hard to imagine what it might have been like to be alive during ancient Roman times, when Julius Caesar was in charge. We know how that ended, of course, as he was murdered by those around him in the Senate. Don't worry, though - that event doesn't feature in the Caesar's Empire slot game. We stick to happier times and get a sense of what it was like back then. We wonder whether this slot is good to play though, so let's put it through its paces to find out more about it.

Who is behind Caesar's Empire?

The slot, in this case. The answer is one of the most familiar and best-loved teams around - the one at Realtime Gaming.

Demo gaming is the ideal way to begin

If you've never seen or heard of the game before, the demo version will introduce you to it to give you more information about it. You can then use that to determine whether you would like to play the real game.

The title tells us all we need to know about this theme

It provides us with Julius Caesar as the character, and clearly sets the action during the height of his empire.

How does the design fare, given that the game has been around for a while?

It's not as old as the empire itself, but it has been online for several years now. Some slots age more gracefully than others though, and we think this one should be included in that category. It does look more basic than modern slots, of course, but it retains a certain charm.

Are you ready to take Caesar's Empire slots for a spin?

Expect the traditional 5 x 3 game format here, along with the inclusion of a progressive jackpot above the reels. There is no suggestion of what you need to do to trigger it, but we think it might simply be a specific trigger appearing on the reels.

Caesar turns up as the wild, but he appears on a gold coin rather than seeing him for real. This gold coin can appear on all the reels apart from the fifth one. He also brings a big 3x multiplier to all prizes involving one or more wilds. He cannot substitute for the scatter symbol though, which in this case is the Coliseum.

What about paylines to bet on?

Expect 20 of them in this game. They are not fixed but deselecting one or more of them would mean losing any prizes that land on those un-played lines.

How much does the game cost if you decide to play it?

A penny per line is the starting point, so 20 cents is good to cover everything in play here. The biggest coin is only worth 10 cents, so this isn't aimed at high rollers.

Take a moment to read the paytable first

This gives you a better idea of the available icons you can find, and of which ones tend to pay out the better prizes.

Does Caesar's Empire include a bonus feature?

No, but there are other elements you may wish to read about before you play.

Caesar's Empire and its famous free spins round

Firstly, there is an unusual trigger to find. You need a Caesar wild coin on any of the reels it can land on, along with the Coliseum on the fifth reel. This awards 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier. Unusually, the wild gold coin can appear on all the reels during the free games.

Secondly, while the Coliseum scatter symbol can appear during free games, it doesn't remain in this manner. Whenever it appears, it changes into Cleopatra. Since she is the best symbol to find relating to the prizes in the game, it helps to find some Coliseum scatters if you can.

RTP details are not available for this slot game

You might have expected that if you know anything about RTG slots. Look for information about this figure at the casino you intend to play at instead.

Our rating is higher than you might have guessed

Caesar's Empire is older than many other games in the RTG collection, but in this case, it should not stand in the way of a good score. We're giving it 8/10 thanks to the multipliers, changing Coliseums, and other features in the game.

Watch out for the next jackpot winner

People do still play this game despite its age, for the reasons we have given above. So, it might mean that the jackpot still manages to reach decent levels.

The practice version of the slot is a good place to start

It is, and with all the available features included in that version, you can safely play with their demo credits to get a better idea of how everything works.

Switch to the real version once you've sorted out a budget

Budgeting to play online slots is always hugely important. Make sure you sort out yours before you do anything else.

Mobile casinos should give access to Caesar's Empire as well

From Android users to those on iOS devices, it should be possible to access this slot via those platforms too.