Bounding Luck Slots

Bounding Luck - now there is a title that sticks in the mind. But what does it mean? The lucky part makes sense, of course, since this is a slot game and most players opting for real bets will hope to collect some prizes. However, there could be a clue in the Bounding part of the name, so let's press on and see whether we can figure out what it is.

Developer info for Bounding Luck slots

This comes from one of the biggest names around… and there are surely few bigger than Betsoft.

They provide you with the chance to test the demo

Just opt for that version rather than going straight to the paid game and you can check it out in more detail there.

Have you got any ideas about the theme?

Bounding Luck doesn't reveal much, but the Chinese lanterns hanging from the reels and the other Oriental icons landing on the reels soon give some clues. You may also spot a rabbit around the place… and that links with the bounding part of the title to reveal a Chinese zodiac theme. Yes, this links to the Year of the Rabbit in 2023.

What did we make of the design?

Bounding Luck does little with its background, preferring you to focus on the reels on this occasion. Unfortunately, the basic symbols paying the lowest prizes are basic in design too. It only begins to ramp up when you see the highest-paying icons, such as the white rabbit, the firecrackers, and a lantern, among other things.

How to play the Bounding Luck slot game

The game presents you with a 5 x 4 format, with each reel looking like a scroll. There are no progressive jackpots anywhere to be seen.

The wild lands on the middle three reels of the game and shows the word in front of a foamy wave. This replaces all but the gold coin, which behaves as a scatter symbol. It also depicts a golden rabbit on it.

You won't find any paylines in this one

There are none here because they have included all the potential winning ways you could get on that grid - and this means you've got 1,024 ways in play.

Play a single bet on each spin of the reels

Bounding Luck begins with a 25-cent bet, although there are other possibilities to play if you would like to go higher, reaching $50 at most. Always remember that every bet is final, so once you've played it, you cannot go back on it. Be careful if you're playing the real thing.

You'll find the paytable in the usual place

Betsoft tends to put it underneath the first reel of their games, and they've provided the link in the same spot in Bounding Luck as well.

Bonus features do not appear in this game

There is plenty more available though, as you can see when we reach the next stage of our review.

Free spins in Bounding Luck

Three scattered coins bring you eight free games, but you can receive more if you manage to net four or five coins to start with. These outcomes would bring you 15 or 20 free spins, respectively.

All wilds feature either a 2x or a 3x multiplier, so those are useful to spot in winning combinations. However, they multiply together too, so you could benefit from a bigger multiplier. The paytable confirms that a prize with three 3x multipliers present in it over the middle three reels would produce a winning multiplier of 27x the prize amount. Finally, find two or more scatters during a free game and you'll get five or more additional spins to play.

You can also see how many golden rabbits you can collect during your free games. This is a dancing gold rabbit and not the usual one on the coin. The highest value icon available is the white rabbit, and four or more golden ones will change one other symbol to a white rabbit. Additional symbols also change into white rabbits when you reach seven, 13, or 15 extra gold rabbits. This obviously improves the chances of finding more of the bigger prizes.

There is a strong RTP in action this time

We have a pleasing figure to share here that comes in at 96.28% according to the creators themselves.

Our rating: Should you hop to it and check out Bounding Luck?

If you tend to appreciate the Chinese New Year slots, this should certainly be on your list to try this year. It looks like a standard game with free spins, but when you realize you can start collecting golden rabbits to perk things up a bit, it takes on a new appearance. We're ranking it as an 8.5 out of 10 slot.

What's the most that could be won here?

The opening screen you're greeted with while the game loads says that you can net up to 5,439x your bet in this game.

Demo play is the perfect way to bound into action

The slot game does provide you with a chance to experience the free spin feature, as you can buy your way into it. We would not suggest doing this for the real game, as you could lose more than you receive in prizes for doing so.

Play for real and see if you can unearth some Bounding Luck

Betsoft is always a reliable developer, so this might be another entertaining game for you to check out.

Mobile gaming is guaranteed

Since this is one of the freshest games from the Betsoft collection, you can count on having access to it on Android and iOS handsets as well. Make sure you check it out with its touchscreen controls.