Wheel of Wonders Slots

Get ready for Wheel of Wonders slots because it is going to rock your world! The introduction tells three things: Players can restore reels up to 46,656 ways, there is an Ancient Wheel Feature, and a Progressive Multiplier Free Spins.

Who is the Slot Game Developer?

The slot game provider is Push Gaming.

Can I Play Wheel of Wonders Slots in Demo Mode?

You can play Wheel of Wonders Slots in Demo Mode at our participating online casinos.

What is the Theme of Wheel of Wonders Slots?

Wheel of Wonders is a Mesopotamia theme-based slot and perhaps the first of its kind.

What is the Design of Wheel of Wonders Slots?

We are visiting Mesopotamia with its ancient culture and mythological figures. A stunning slot game by any definition, Wheel of Wonders has a color scheme of jeweled tones.

What Type of Slot Game is Wheel of Wonders Slots?

Wheel of Wonders Slots is a 6-reel bonus video slot.

How Many Paylines are There?

The pay lines start at 729 all ways pay and expand to 46,656 all ways.

What Are the Betting Options?

The betting starts with £0.10 (GBP) up to £20 (GBP), the max bet per spin.

Where is the Paytable?

At the lower left-hand corner of the slot, click on the checkered box to access the paytable.

About the Symbols & Configuration in this Game

In one of the most unusual games I've played, this game is by far a bit complicated. The 6x3 reels are playable at the bottom. At the top, however, are 6x3 unknown symbols. When you get a win, one or more of the top symbols will light up, resulting in a win. If not, the characters go dark until the next spin. The card symbols in this game are atypical of what you might find in a regular slot game of old. They look like out-of-this-world symbols, but if you look closely, they are card symbols. Other characters of note include a Red Lion, a Purple Eagle, and a Green Sargon. These are the high-paying symbols. There are mid-value and low playing symbols in this game. I suggest all players play this game for free until they are entirely comfortable with the game. Then go on to play for real money.

Is There a Bonus Game and a Free Spins Round?

  • The Sargon is the Wild symbol. Whenever a win occurs, a new position adds to any of the six reels for each different symbol type that allowed the original win. The positions are called Additional Positions. Therefore, each time an AP (as I call it) is added, the number of Pathways is recalculated.
  • Ancient Wheel Feature
  • Each segment on the Wheel has random prizes. When a complete row of APs is added, the Ancient Wheel Feature is awarded. It is stored until a non-winning cascade occurs, at which point the Wheel is triggered. When the Wheel spins, the player wins the random prize. There are three types of awards:
  • Bet Multiplier Prizes
  • Total Multiplier Prizes
  • Base Game Features
  • The Ancient Wheel Prizes also comprise special symbols. Would you please scroll down on the paytable to view each character and what it means?
  • Bonus Features
  • The Wheel of Wonders Feature is awarded to players when adding all possible APs to the reels. The player also gets a Win Multiplier, and the Free Spins feature is activated when the Wheel of Wonders Feature ends.
  • Free Spins Round
  • The player wins five free spins and a Win Multiplier.
  • Wheel of Wonders Retriggers
  • There are three colored Wheels.
  • The Bronze wheel retrigger awards two additional free spins.
  • The Silver wheel retrigger awards three additional free spins.
  • The Gold wheel retrigger awards five additional free spins.

Can I Play Wheel of Wonders Slots for Free?

You can play Wheel of Wonders Slots for free at our recommended casinos. I highly recommend testing this slot for free before playing for real money.

Can I Play Wheel of Wonders Slots for Real Money?

Join our US online casinos to play for real money.

What is the Return to Player for this Game?

The Return to Player is 96.5%.

Have Players Scored this Game?

Players gave this game a popularity score of 10.

Have Players Won Playing this Game?

Since its first release, many players have won by playing Wheel of Wonders Slots.

Is Wheel of Wonders Slots Available for Mobile Players?

Wheel of Wonders Slots is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Wheel of Wonders Slots is, as I have said, atypical of most slot games. However, it is different, fun to play, and requires reading the paytable and testing out the game first. It offers lucrative payouts, an astounding number of unique features, and more. Play Wheel of Wonders Slots at our US casinos online.