VIP Starz Club

Will you become a VIP Starz member? That's the name of the VIP Club now available at BitStarz, a crypto casino packed solid with new, exclusive, and popular casino games. You'll find plenty of reasons to play there, certainly, but the presence of the VIP Starz Club might just prove to be another.

Expect bigger bonus opportunities as a VIP member

Yes, indeed - you may already know that the casino has a host of promotions to look through whenever you're going to make a deposit. However, you can expect the bonuses to be better still if you become part of the BitStarz VIP Club. There might be a surprise or two in there as well, so keep track of what's happening if you do become a member.

Is the club available to everyone at BitStarz?

We don't believe so, although it isn't made clear. They do state that you'll receive 24/7 access to a VIP manager who can help you with many aspects of the program. Since this includes the chance to get custom limits put in place, along with a host of other possibilities, we doubt this will be made available to all members of the casino.

How about some customized bonus opportunities?

We've already mentioned the idea of added bonuses - and better ones too - but how about bonuses that are customized to your preferences? Maybe you're keen on table games but you steer clear of the slots. It sounds like they might be able to provide you with bonuses that cater to those preferences.

You can also expect to get faster access to any new titles that appear at BitStarz. This means you can expect to play them ahead of everyone else - another sign that the VIP program is not available to everyone.

Will you qualify to become a VIP member at BitStarz?

Check out more details at the casino today and see what you make of the VIP Starz Club and its many benefits. If you're already part of a VIP program at another casino, this might give you better odds of getting through the doors at BitStarz as well. Find out more and see what you make of it - but we think you'll love what you see there.