Pulsar Slots

If your thoughts run along similar lines to ours, you might already have thought about the Pulsar slot game being about outer space. And yes, that's where we are heading for this one - it's not too difficult a leap to make. But there is plenty to learn about this game, so if you're keen, let's see what we make of it by checking out its many features.

A different slot from a popular developer

There are reasons why we say this is a different game, and we'll go into those shortly. For now, let's simply reveal that the game comes from RTG or Realtime Gaming.

You can expect to try it before you progress to the real game

This may lead you to realize how much is on offer in this slot game.

We've already told you a lot about the theme

It's a fine slot, this one, and it has lots of features to note. Not only is it in outer space but it appears to be revolving around something bright - a star, maybe? Expect more than your average icons in this one, too.

Pulsar has a pulsating design

Is that going too far? We doubt it - most of the icons are either planets, which sit and spin gradually in their positions, or they are chunks of space rock or similar things. They're all active anyway, and that makes this a memorable game to play.

Are you ready to take Pulsar for a spin?

This is a standard five-reel game, but it uses hexagonal symbols to showcase the icons. This means it looks a little different to how you might have expected it to. You won't spot any progressive jackpots floating around in the ether though.

The game does not feature any wild or scatter symbols, but while this might sound disappointing, we think you'll find other things to hold your attention instead.

We've got fixed lines to contend with in Pulsar slots

This is confirmed by the '20 lines fixed' message above the bet amount - and of course, it also tells us how many lines we'll play on.

Play Pulsar as a penny slot

This gives you a 20-cent bet, but you can choose from a range of other coins instead if you wish. At the highest value, there is a dollar coin to play with that gives a $20 maximum bet.

The paytable provides further information about how the game works

Look for the burger icon to the left of the bet window. You can then access the info button from there to read all the rules of this slot game.

Are there any bonus features in this slot?

Yes, you can take advantage of Cascading Wins whenever a winning combo appears on the reels (or more than one). All successful symbols pay out and vanish before being replaced by others. This process could result in more prizes, and if this should occur, the same will happen again to see how long you can continue it for.

Neutron Stars also appear in this game, and each one shows a number when it appears. This will be either 3, 2, 1, or 0. It will explode once it reaches zero. There are four Neutron Stars that might appear, in green, blue, red, and pink. When they explode, they'll take out other icons nearby depending on their color, as each one has a different pattern.

Everything that disappears in the explosion is replaced by an identical symbol, including the spot where the Neutron Star appeared. So, this could result in some promising outcomes on the reels.

Free spins aren't available in this one

Once you've had a few spins of the Pulsar slot though, we don't think you'll mind. Whenever those countdowns begin - and they can potentially begin quite often - they make the game more exciting to watch.

RTP details do not come with the game

You might check the casino you intend to play at to find out whether they've got the information for you.

Our rating: Is Pulsar a different slot to play?

Certainly - we've seen Cascading Wins before and it's good to see them again here, but there are other reasons to appreciate this one as well. The countdown Neutron Star feature is the highlight, and it seems to trigger quite often, making the outcome of those spins more interesting. This is surely worth 8.5 points out of 10.

Which icon is worth the most?

It looks like the sun, as it shows a flaming ball, offering 150 coins for five in a row. However, if those Neutron Stars explode and leave several suns in their wake, there is a chance you could pick up more than one prize from the outcome.

Play a few demo spins of Pulsar today

The Pulsar slot is worth checking out for sure, and if you are new to the game, the demo is the most sensible way to do this.

Will you play for real and experience those Neutron Stars?

Figure out your wager, see how it fits with your budget, and then you can decide.

This slot is also available at mobile casinos

We bet you know a few online casinos featuring this software developer, so make sure you can try this one today on Android or iOS.