Egypt's Book of Mystery Slots

If you feel as if you’ve played all the book-related slots out there, give this one a try. Egypt’s Book of Mystery is a little different in certain ways. We weren’t convinced… but when we checked it out, we realized there was a lot to look at.

We review it here for you, with detailed info on all its features. Come with us to ancient Egypt to find out more…

Where does this mysterious book come from?

If you mean the game itself, it hails from PG Soft.

Make sure you don’t miss the demo

If you haven’t seen the game before, it is the best way to experience it, so you know whether you may wish to bet for real.

The theme doesn’t pack any surprises

Players love Egyptian themes, so PG Soft has given us the chance to experience it once again here.

The design doesn’t disappoint

The famous pyramids sit mysteriously in the background, giving us a suitable image that doesn’t get in the way of the game. There are lots of things happening on the reels though, so let’s move on to discover the sharp icons and detailed images landing there as we explore the game features.

How to play Egypt’s Book of Mystery slots

This is a six-reel slot with an extra reel on top of those. Watch for a golden icon to appear as this gets the wild label. They’ve usefully labeled the scatter too, which is designed as a block of stone.

No paylines… it’s Megaways here

You’ll get up to 32,400 ways you could spot winnings on the reels. It’s a good job the game keeps up with that for you!

How pricey is it to play with all those way wins?

The cheapest wager is only 20 cents, so it’s likely more affordable than you thought. Those wanting to bet more have many other options, reaching $20 at most per spin.

The paytable is crucial here

This is where all the details for the game sit. You can review them before you play (ideal) and at any point after that too, if you need to refresh your mind on something.

Bonus features to look for

No doubt you’ve played slots that include cascading reels, where winning symbols pay out and are then removed from the grid. This allows others to fall from above to create more chances to get prizes. This can happen in this game too.

You might also randomly unlock a Symbol Transformation. When this happens, three or more icons on the reels are substituted, thereby changing your winning potential for the better. This doesn’t happen with wilds or the scatter symbols though.

Free spins from the scatters

You need four scatters for this feature, one more than usual, although there are more places for them to land. This leads to a picking feature where you can get 15 spins with standard prizes or go for 10 spins with 5x prize multipliers or five spins with a massive 10x multiplier on prizes. If more scatters appeared in the unlocking combo, you’ll get more spins in each of those examples too, as shown on the screen. If you’d like to get more spins still, find another four or more scatters to get more of them.

The game has a decent RTP

It goes above the 96% we tend to look for, topping out at around 96.75%.

Our rating for Egypt’s Book of Mystery

This takes a while to get used to, although that is merely because it offers a lot. We’re giving this one 8/10, thanks to its multiple features.

No jackpot winners here

No, but there could be a top potential of over 9,000x your bet, so still worth playing for sure.

Play the practice game to get the best introduction

Since there is a generous demo balance to work with, it gives you plenty of time to get used to how it all works. That’s important before playing the real version.

Will you move on to the real game?

Is this foray to Egypt the best one you’ve seen? Try it for a while and then decide whether you’ll play the real thing.

You can also play on mobile

And that makes this game even more versatile for Android and iOS device owners.