Coins of Ra Slots

Coins of Ra Slots

Four jackpots revealed themselves when we loaded the Coins of Ra slot game from Betsoft. This was a promising start, but we discovered a few other features soon afterward, too. Read on to find out what to expect if you decide to play.

Smaller than many other Betsoft slots

This is a mere three-reel slot, but they do give you five lines to bet on.

Betting options for this game

You can bet five cents per spin here, meaning you’ve got a penny slot game to try. The giant range of wagers maxes out at $50, so there is a lot to consider as you settle in and find out more about it.

Should you expect to find some special icons in Coins of Ra?

The ankh is wild – labeled too – and replaces all except the two coins. Both have a gold image of Ra in the center, but the bonus symbol is silver around the edge and the Ra Bonus symbol is all in gold.

Stay alert for the chance of some bonuses

If you get three or more bonus icons, you’ll unlock the Hold and Win round. This gives you three respins. The bonus icons will either show a cash value or one of the four jackpot names. Each jackpot logo must only appear once to trigger that prize. So, if you were to land two mini bonus icons and one minor icon, you’d get two mini jackpots and one minor jackpot.

Ra Bonus icons always lock and collect bonus values. Whenever you get another Ra Bonus icon, it takes you back to three respins.

See what you make of the Coins of Ra slot game

With a free version to try first, you can safely see what you make of the game. You’ve probably seen the Hold and Win bonus before, but it’s cool to see it again here in a three-reel game for a change. The spins work quickly if you use the autoplay feature, so we preferred playing it ourselves. See what you think and perhaps you might find some Coins of Ra to trigger some of the best prizes the game offers.