Sloto Stars Casino

What do we know about Sloto Stars Casino? It might be better if we consider what we do not know about this casino, as we've spent some time evaluating the site and its many areas. We do this because we want to bring you a comprehensive site review you can trust, and we hope we have done that for you here. Settle in and get ready to go through all the vital areas you need to know about to be able to play at Sloto Stars Casino.

Software facts to start us off

The good news is that we can quickly find the answer to this query. The logo for Spin Logic Gaming appears at the foot of their site, and you'll find all their games inside the casino.

A packed lobby filled with assorted casino games

You'd hope this would be true, and Sloto Stars Casino does indeed bring you plenty of varied games and ideas throughout the lobby. It's the perfect place to begin your exploration of this starry site set in outer space - if you hadn't already guessed the theme.

Hold off on joining the casino until you've read the rest of our review

We wanted to mention this again here, as we are about to get deeper into this casino. We've got plenty of information to share beyond this point, and we can do that here for you.

Learning about Sloto Stars signup restrictions

This casino has a higher limit on age than many others. Instead of going for 18 as the minimum, they've gone for 21. The casino also mentions a few countries that are not permitted to sign up. These include Australia and Canada. They also prohibit people in the state of Nevada from joining, although this appears to be the only barred US state mentioned, so you're okay if you live elsewhere in the US.

Expect a range of casino games at Sloto Stars Casino

Every casino should deliver more than just slots, and we are glad to see there is a good range available at Sloto Stars as well. The slots do take up a major part of the casino, but that's no surprise. It's still cool to see other options as well.

Will you find your ideal slots to play?

We think you will, as there are plenty to choose from when you're exploring this casino. Spin Logic provides slot sequels, new titles, various themes and ideas, and a lot more for you to enjoy as well.

Free games provide the ideal point to start at Sloto Stars Casino

There are several casinos online - mentioning no names here - that do not give players many chances to play demo slots and casino games to see what they're like. It can depend on the providers, of course, but we're happy to say that in this instance, you can expect the games to come with demo versions to enjoy.

Consider coin values when thinking about playing some paid games

There is a ton of variation between the cheapest and the most expensive games to play at Sloto Stars. Moreover, one game can have a giant range of bets to look at as well. The more time you spend considering wagers and affordability at this stage, the easier it'll be to make sure you find the best games for you to play.

How often can you expect to spot some new slot games?

Sloto Stars Casino takes its games from Spin Logic, and since they've got new titles coming up every month, you can expect to spot all those ready to play upon release.

Promotions for every player to consider claiming

It's true - you can expect to claim some newcomer bonuses when you first sign up, and you'll spot details of these on the landing page. However, there are other possibilities there as well. Once you've gone through the welcome pack, you can check out future deals if you're keen to at Sloto Stars Casino.

Tournaments also feature at this casino

You'll see details of these available on the site, so you can check the latest open invites to these whenever you're ready. Look for free roll ones if you can, as they're free for you to enter. You should find possibilities every week and month at Sloto Stars.

You might spot the occasional winner there as well

Check out the landing page and you'll see the latest winner appearing near the top of the site.

Rewards also confirmed to appear at Sloto Stars Casino

Check out the details of their club to learn more about the casino's version of a comp points program. This is the best way to see how far you can go through the stars involved…

Do you need an app if you want to visit Sloto Stars on your mobile device?

Thankfully, no, which means you don't need to worry about any updates either. Instead, you'll get to the casino via your mobile browser. You can also check out their mobile-friendly demo games to get a better idea of how they work before betting on those for real.

Do you need an account to be able to access the games?

Sloto Stars Casino does ask you to sign up if you want to place real wagers on its games. However, if all you want to do is to try some of their practice titles, you should be able to do that without signing up.

Instant play, download, or mobile

Yep, you get all three possibilities at Sloto Stars Casino. We prefer the instant play casino as it's so quick, and you can visit more easily if you switch computers for some reason. However, you can get their free downloadable software if that suits you better.

Could you be number one in the affiliate stakes?

Possibly, as their affiliate program is run by Number 1 Affiliates.

You won't find sporting services in outer space

Not at this casino, anyway.

The same applies if you're looking for a blog or forum

Neither feature turns up at Sloto Stars Casino.

Real dealers don't manage any of the table games

If you decide to play any of those, you'll do so against the computer like you would with other regular casino games.

Depositing at Sloto Stars Casino

The casino welcomes credit cards, debit cards, and Bitcoin, so there should be something that suits you there.

Making a withdrawal at this casino

You can choose Visa or a wire transfer, but it looks as if the third method is the quickest, and that's Bitcoin.

It would be ideal to use Bitcoin at this casino, for sure

With quick and simple deposits and withdrawals, many players like using this method.

What should you do if you need some help at Sloto Stars Casino?

Look for the FAQ area to start with, as many vital queries receive answers there. You can also use their live chat service as the quickest way to get in touch if you ever need to.