Orion Stars Casino

Orion Stars Casino is named after one of the most famous constellations in the sky. However, the real stars here are the games on offer there, with a range of slot games and fish games to check out. We decided to look a little deeper to see what was on offer.

They may be using their own software

The Orion Stars Casino website is a little odd in several ways, as the design doesn't quite work. Some of the text is dark and the game area is quite small compared to other casinos. We could not spot any developer names among the slot collection, nor for the fish games, so it looks as if everything is in house.

Signup restrictions do not appear anywhere

Unusually for a site like Orion Stars, they do not have a terms and conditions page. This seems a giant oversight, and it means you do not know whether you can play on the site in your location. They do offer a contact form, so that might be the only available option you can use to find out more.

How many casino games are offered?

You'll get access to around a dozen slots and five fish games at this casino. Yep, that's it. There are no other game types available anywhere. We did notice the top slot mentioned as a new addition to the site, but there is no way of telling how recent this is or if they regularly release new titles.

You won't find any welcome promotions to claim either

You can begin to see that Orion Stars Casino is missing a lot of the major features players want to see at any casino. And yes, this includes promotions, whether for newcomers or players who are established there.

The homepage invites you to 'get the app'

The button with that message on it takes you to the registration page, where you'll find a download button along with links for Android, iOS, and Windows options. You can learn more about those there and complete the registration details to become a member of the site.

There's no sign of any VIP or loyalty programs or bonuses either

You can see how things are developing at Orion Stars Casino. You may have a lot of questions to ask the team before you consider signing up there. It's not the most professional of sites in this way.

No payment methods page… although there could be good reasons for this

The casino does not offer any payment method information or logos, although since it mentions its sweepstakes stance, this may be because you do not make regular cash bets there. It is impossible to say for sure, since even the 'about us' page doesn't reveal anything useful.

Would you sign up for an account to play at Orion Stars Casino?

It feels as if there is so much more we would like to tell you, yet the website has so much information missing. We'd advise you to hang fire on joining this casino just now, at least until they add more details to the site. There should be clear terms and conditions for all members, even at a sweepstakes casino, and the lack of these is a concern. With no other information anywhere that could be of help, it seems most likely that Orion Stars Casino is not the best sweeps site to play at just now.